Synplify DSP ASIC Edition Targets ASIC Designs

Synplicity, Inc., a leading supplier of software for the design and verification of semiconductors, announced the expansion of its ESL software offering. Following the company’s strategy of delivering technology-independent solutions, the new Synplify(R) DSP ASIC Edition software allows users to automatically develop high-quality RTL code from designs specified at the algorithm level for implementation into either an FPGA or ASIC device.

The Synplify DSP ASIC Edition’s unique DSP synthesis optimizations automatically implement algorithms allowing designers to explore speed and area tradeoffs, often leading to significant area and timing improvements over hand-coded approaches. Because of this automation users can capture designs, explore implementation architectures and target them to FPGAs or their chosen ASIC technology. This results in significant productivity improvements often achieving 10 to 20x less development and verification time than otherwise required. Those who have used the beta product have experienced considerable advantages over traditional handcrafted flows.

For ASIC technologies, the Synplify DSP ASIC Edition has additional features to provide seamless integration of memory and RTL into standard ASIC design flows. For ASIC designs using compiled memories, the Synplify DSP ASIC Edition automatically extracts and manages the memory in a separate level of hierarchy. This allows the user to easily instantiate memory modules from any 3rd party memory vendor and verify the complete model at the RT level. As a result, the Synplify DSP ASIC Edition provides a solution that integrates well with familiar downstream logic synthesis and verification flows.

“Our Synplify DSP software has been tremendously successful among FPGA users who have experienced significant quality of results benefits, and we are eager to bring the same capabilities to ASIC users,” said Andy Haines, senior vice president of marketing, Synplicity. “We believe the performance and productivity benefits offered by our Synplify DSP ASIC Edition software are so significant that it will become the technology of choice when designers implement DSP capabilities into either FPGA or ASIC hardware.”

From a single model, the Synplify DSP ASIC Edition software can automatically implement optimized architectures of algorithms into either FPGA or ASIC devices. For teams developing ASICs, the combination of Synplify DSP ASIC Edition and Synplicity’s ASIC verification product suite allows users to quickly verify their ASIC designs in FPGAs at high speed. By prototyping ASIC designs in FPGAs functional bugs can be detected more rapidly and more complex interactions can be observed due to the high operating speed (typically above 100 MHz) of the FPGA.

The software also supports third-party logic synthesis flows from Synopsys, Cadence and third-party ASIC memory IP providers. The Synplify DSP ASIC Edition software provides users with a fully integrated solution with standard ASIC flows.

Pricing and Availability
The Synplify DSP ASIC Edition software starts at $44,500 for a floating, one-year time-based license.

About Synplicity
Synplicity(R) Inc. (Nasdaq:SYNP) is a leading supplier of innovative software solutions that enable the rapid and effective design of Programmable Logic Devices (FPGAs, PLDs and CPLDs) that serve a wide range of communications, military/aerospace, consumer, semiconductor, computer, and other electronic systems markets. Synplicity’s tools provide outstanding performance, cost and time-to-market benefits by simplifying, improving and automating key design planning, logic synthesis, physical synthesis and verification functions for FPGA, FPGA-based ASIC verification, and DSP designers. Synplicity is the number one supplier of FPGA synthesis solutions and has been rated #1 in customer satisfaction since 2004 in EE Times’ Annual FPGA Customer Survey. Synplicity products support industry-standard design languages (VHDL and Verilog) and run on popular platforms. The company operates in over 20 facilities worldwide and is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California.

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