NEC Joins In-Sequence Technology Partner Program

NEC System Technologies, Ltd. (NEC-ST) has joined the In-Sequence Technology Partner Program, promoting EDA interoperability and advanced design methodologies. As a result of the newly formed partnership, the companies have interfaced NEC-ST’s CyberWorkBench ESL synthesis with Sequence’s PowerTheater to offer users ESL productivity combined with an ability to analyze various architectures for performance, area, and power. The integrated solution is currently under development.

In the C-based design tool market, estimated to top $500 million by 2010, NEC-ST is an emerging player which plans to garner 20 percent market share. The NEC-ST CyberWorkBench is based on the company’s “All-in-C” concept, in which the entirety of system LSI design from architectural exploration to verification is done completely in the C language. More information: CyberWorkBench

“The integration of CyberWorkBench with PowerTheater allows ESL synthesis to generate multiple trial configurations and then quickly estimate power at RTL,” said Dr. Kazutoshi Wakabayashi, NEC-ST Chief Architect. “With this power data in hand, users can quickly examine tradeoffs for performance, area, and power to optimize the power profile early in the design cycle where the most significant savings can be achieved. Even low-power and/or low energy circuits can be easily synthesized, though this is not easy for RTL design.”

NEC-ST is the latest in a series of In-Sequence partnerships, joining a variety of EDA vendors, foundries, IP providers, design services providers, platform vendors and universities.