Let It Wave Announces HDTV Standards Converter

Let It Wave(R) announces a breakthrough HDTV standards converter on a single chip device. Developed for broadcast, post and live production equipment manufacturers, Let It Wave’s product smartly computes intermediate HDTV frames creating high quality HD images while converting between 50Hz and 60Hz video formats.

Let It Wave’s new standards converter is based on its proprietary core bandlet technology, already implemented in its award-winning format converter introduced at last year’s NAB. This patented innovative approach to video processing yields outstanding video quality without the common artifacts introduced by state-of-the-industry motion adaptive and motion compensated technologies. Instead of relying on a single motion computation per pixel, bandlet algorithms perform a full spatio-temporal analysis of the video to perform advanced geometrical interpolations and filtering which avoids blurring, ghosting and shadowing artifacts.

This standards converter fits on a single FPGA device, bringing an amazing level of performance in video processing together with a very cost-effective implementation. “Our algorithm and hardware architecture teams have been working closely together to optimize our product,” explains Stéphane Mallat, Let It Wave CEO, “Worldwide viewers of the 2008 Chinese Olympics will be able to enjoy this unprecedented quality.”

The product, based on an FPGA manufactured by Altera(R), includes standards frame rate conversion for SD or HD progressive videos. It is robust to fast motions, scene changes, graphics overlays, transparencies or crawling text. Let It Wave’s FPGA is available for OEM manufacturers, to provide exceptional standards conversion capabilities for SD and HD in broadcast and post-production equipment.

At NAB 2007, Let It Wave will also demonstrate its LB101 format converter now shipping. For more information about Let It Wave and its products, see live demonstrations at their NAB 2007 booth, N1838.

Let It Wave is an image processing company whose patented bandlet algorithms deliver breakthrough image and video processing capabilities. Let It Wave has raised several million Euros in venture capital to develop and commercialize FPGA and ASIC products that incorporate its super-resolution bandlet technology. Let It Wave provides high-quality SD to HDTV up-conversion and frame-rate conversion capabilities, for professional video, home theater and consumer electronics manufacturers.