Dongbu Leads with Image Signal Processor Design Library

Dongbu Electronics disclosed it has led the foundry industry in the development of an Image Signal Processor (ISP) design library that speeds the design of CMOS Image Sensor (CIS) devices at the 130nm node while also improving their image quality. Available at no charge to Dongbu customers, the new ISP library shrinks the development time of CIS devices by more than six months, thereby accelerating the time to bring high-quality, low-cost CIS imaging to mobile handset applications.

The new ISP library was solely developed by Dongbu’s engineering team with the goal of enabling low-pixel CIS devices to provide picture quality rivaling that of digital cameras. According to Dr. Jae Song, EVP of Dongbu Electronics, “Our talented engineers successfully met their design goal by enhancing image resolution while automatically optimizing exposure, color balance and brightness.” He confirmed that the new ISP design library enables image enhancement and Automatic Focus (AF) functions to be integrated onto a single CIS chip, thereby widening the appeal of CIS chips for use in a broader range of mobile handset applications including MP3 players, PMPs and PDAs.

Dr. Song noted that the same Dongbu engineering team that successfully developed the ISP library at the 130nm node is now aggressively creating its 110nm-node sequel, expected to be available before yearend. “We will also add high-integration and low-power functions, which are increasingly critical in mobile handset designs coming to market,” he added.

About Dongbu Electronics
Dongbu Electronics provides world-class CMOS processing for system-on-chip solutions that integrate advanced logic, analog, and mixed-signal technologies. As a “Specialty Solution Partner” in high-growth markets, such as those represented by mobile handsets and flat-panel displays, Dongbu adds high value with specialized processing for CMOS Image Sensor (CIS), High Voltage, Flash, and LCD Driver IC (LDI) functions. Dongbu’s collaborate-and-thrive approach is evident across the entire manufacturing spectrum. The company’s stock is publicly traded under 001830 on the Korea Stock Exchange.