TI Voltage Regulator Features Autonomously Buck, Boost Modes

Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) (NYSE: TXN) introduced an automotive-qualified DC/DC power management integrated circuit (IC) that switches autonomously between buck and boost modes to provide a constant regulated output voltage of 5 V. The TPIC74100-Q1 operates over a wide input voltage range of 1.5 V to 40 V and simplifies design by eliminating the need for external components. The device also minimizes electro-magnetic interference (EMI) in the system by implementing a clock modulator and adjustable slew rate.

TI TPIC74100-Q1 voltage regulatorAdditional key features include the following:

  • Switch-mode regulator – 5 V +/- 2%, normal mode – 5 V +/- 3%, low-power or crossover mode
  • Switching frequency of 440 kHz (typical) is outside of the AM frequency band
  • Input Operating Range, 1.5 V to 40 V, (Vdriver) – 1-A Load-Current Capability – 200-mA Load-Current Capability Down to 2 V Input (Vdriver) – 120-mA Load-Current Capability Down to 1.5 V Input (Vdriver)
  • Disable and low-power operation modes to optimize power savings
  • Reset function with deglitch timer and programmable delay provides increased reliability in the system
  • Programmable alarm function for undervoltage detection and indication
  • Thermally-enhanced package for efficient heat management

Pricing and Availability
The TPIC74100-Q1 voltage regulators are available today in volume from TI and its authorized distributors in a 20-pin HTSSOP PowerPAD(TM) package. Suggested resale pricing in quantities of 1,000 units is $1.70.

TI is committed to the automotive market, providing OEMs and system suppliers with a broad digital and analog portfolio of superior-quality, reliable, innovative and cost-effective solutions. TI products address electronics in the car for systems ranging from power train to braking to audio and infotainment. The company has achieved ISO/TS16949:2002 certification at 36 facilities worldwide.