CoFluent Design Expands in America

CoFluent Design, an Electronic System Level (ESL) company focused on delivering state-of-the-art software solutions for early system architecture exploration and performance analysis, announced the opening of its U.S. operations and the incorporation of CoFluent Design, Inc., a fully-owned subsidiary of CoFluent Design.

Also announced was the appointment of Mr. Hagay Zamir as the company’s U.S. Business Development Director, in charge of developing CoFluent’s business in North America.

The new office is located in San Jose, in the heart of Silicon Valley. The decision to open the California office was made in response to growing customer demand and is a reflection of CoFluent’s commitment to its U.S.-based customers and to enabling their development of optimized system architectures upstream of microarchitecture decisions.

Mr. Hagay Zamir brings to CoFluent and its customers a wealth of expertise and more than 10 years of experience in the field of system architecture exploration and performance analysis. In the ESL space, he has served as a technical lead, a marketing manager and in direct sales.

Prior to joining CoFluent, Mr. Zamir worked for Summit Design, as the director of system architecture products. Before Summit, Mr. Zamir was engineering manager at CARDtools Systems Corp.

“Faced with tremendous architecture challenges in building their next generation systems, U.S. companies find in CoFluent’s offering what they have been demanding – a flexible, open standards-based, agile solution that allows them to rapidly develop and optimize the system architecture using functional, timing and performance constraints,” said Stéphane Leclercq, CEO of CoFluent Design, Inc.

“Customers are using our flagship product, CoFluent Studio(TM), to develop the optimum system architecture at the beginning of the design flow, where 80% of the design’s value is determined. CoFluent Studio is used not only to optimize performance, functionality, power consumption, cost, and overall fitness for purpose in new designs, but also to analyze the impact of architecture modifications and updates to existing designs, and to validate existing architectures against new applications.

With a U.S. office, a customer-proven ESL methodology, and Hagay leading our U.S. expansion, we’re now better able to serve our growing U.S. customer base.”

“CoFluent Studio uses ESL modeling to bridge the gap between system specification and the implementation phase of the design. This enables fast architectural development and optimization and helps to identify potential integration problems before implementation starts” stated Hagay Zamir.

“I’m very excited to be a part of the CoFluent team because its unique methodological background and capacity to separate the application from the implementation platform fulfills the promise of early and short architecture exploration for all.”

CoFluent Design also announced the appointment of Luc Burgun and Vincent Encontre to its Supervisory Board, bringing tremendous experience in terms of strategy and business development.

Luc Burgun is the President and CEO of EVE, a leading provider of high-performance, hardware-assisted verification solutions.

Vincent Encontre is President and CEO of Intuilab, a software startup developing innovative graphical user interface (GUI) technology.

“I’m very pleased to join the board,” said Luc Burgun. “CoFluent Design offers a tremendous opportunity for semiconductor and system companies to address the architectural challenges of their next generation equipment and systems-on-chip.

With its advanced technology and architecture exploration expertise, the company has all the essential ingredients to be successful in the US, as well as worldwide.”

“With my long experience in the modeling and validation tools business, I see CoFluent positioned as clearly distinctive, and the company well-poised to become the leading enabler of concurrent hardware and software design; I’m glad to make my contribution to the board,” said Vincent Encontre.

About CoFluent Design
CoFluent Design provides integrated solutions to bridge the gap between the specification of an electronic system and its implementation. Its CoFluent Studio(TM) ESL modeling and simulation software environment allows developers of electronic devices and chips to:

  • DECIDE: Securely predict behavior and performance from partial software and hardware for design validation at all stages
  • SHARE: Provide system executable specifications rather than static documents for common hardware / software reference
  • CAPITALIZE: Capture projects’ system design expertise in enterprise model libraries for easier and faster innovation