Temento Rolls Out DiaLite Platform Edition Revision 4.7

Temento Systems announced some major innovations around its new release of DiaLite(TM) Platform Edition.

Most of the applications developed today embed synthesisable processors into FPGAs that can be quickly customized, integrated, prototyped and then moved into production. During the debugging phase, these complex Systems on Chip (SoC) bring challenging problems and one of the challenges is the analysis of the information at the embedded bus level. Because visibility cannot be addressed by traditional test methods, Temento Systems has launched a new line of instrumentation IP specifically focussed on the debugging of embedded systems with the introduction of a Bus Trace Analyzer for AMBA and ARM processor-based SoC’s.

“The performance of this IP achieving very high data compression rate coupled with TemStorage, our external high capacity storage memory, compose a new consistent debugging solution. In its permanent willingness for cutting debug time, Temento Systems now delivers DiaLite(R) productivity to ARM systems designers and rationally answers their challenge of getting faster to the market,” said Patrice Deroux-Dauphin, CEO of Temento Systems.

So as to enable developers to get their ARM Powered(R) products to market faster, Temento Systems is a new member in the ARM(R) Connected Community, the industry’s largest ecosystem of ARM technology-based products and services.

DiaLite(R) Platform Edition Revision 4.7
This edition comes with a more powerful range of instrumentation IPs leveraging system verification running On Chip and at design speed.

  • IP Integration, System Verification and Micro-testers (Protocol checkers, Bus Navigators)
    PSL or SVA assertions for checking IP communication protocols On Chip in a smart and precise temporal sequence oriented verification
  • Off Chip Memory Instrumentation:
    No more memory resources limitation when instrumenting your target. TemStorage allows to record “Off Chip” large signal traces on up to 120 channels
  • More Productivity and flexibility
    Whether you are a beginner in instrumentation or you have very specific needs for your verification, DiaLite can assist you or leave you carry out your customized instrumentation project with unrivaled performance

About Temento Systems
Temento Systems S.A. provides Electronic Design and Test Automation (EDTA) solutions that enable engineers to test and debug electronic products, including System on Chip (SoC), FPGAs, Boards, Multi-Chips Modules (MCMs) and Systems. Unlike traditional EDA software providers, Temento Systems offers a broad range of solutions focused on systems design test, starting from the earliest stage of design definition (virtual test), straight through hardware testing (physical test).

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