Cirronet Introduces 802.15.4 Low-Power Embedded Wireless Module

Cirronet, Inc. (a subsidiary of RF Monolithics, Inc.) introduced enhanced I/O capabilities for its LPR2400/ER family of low-cost, low power 802.15.4 modules. The LPR2400/ER provides sensor data collection for a wide variety of applications that monitor operating conditions of equipment and facilities such as temperature, humidity, lighting, moisture, vibration, barometric pressure and much more.

The LPR2400/ER includes both analog and digital inputs and outputs (I/O) to provide multi-faceted sensor monitoring functions while possessing the same low-cost and low-power consumption that OEM’s rely upon with Cirronet’s family of ZigBee(TM) OEM modules. Its point-to-point, point-to-multi-point and router-relay capabilities provide connections with up to 1,000 nodes without the complexity of mesh networking.

The LPR2400/ER dramatically improves OEM’s speed-to-market via its firmware which enables easy user access to the I/O over the serial port and remote module capabilities that automatically report readings based on user-settable timers and interrupts. Thus, OEM’s can now easily overlay LPR2400/ER’s firmware with their own application code thereby avoiding the time and cost of radio software or firmware development.

Additionally, users can set threshold levels which when exceeded, will send messages to the base station alerting of the exception condition. The LPR2400/ER can be set to enter sleep-mode and programmed to wake up at a specific interval or based on an interrupt generated by an external event or condition. While awake the LPR2400/ER can be set to send one of three user-selectable messages and then return to sleep immediately or to remain awake for a specified period of time to receive application messages. This eliminates the need for “polling” with its sometimes unreliable results, and ultimately saves not only on battery power and RF bandwidth, but avoids polling device costs.

Between 20% and 40% or more of a company’s net worth is tied up in its facility assets. When OEM applications that are wireless sensor-enabled are implemented and their operations managed based on their real-time operating conditions, companies more effectively preserve their facilities investment, reduce asset maintenance cost, and avoid losses due to production line failures. When integrated with web-based enterprise asset management systems and computer maintenance management systems, the end-to-end solution communicates business operating conditions and data between people, devices, and systems more efficiently than previously possible.

About Cirronet
Cirronet supplies wireless modules and box products for the industrial market to device OEM manufacturers, integrators, and end users. Its products enable customers to wirelessly monitor and control electronic devices by establishing wireless connection between machines and the Internet. Its OEM modules are incorporated into custom wireless solutions ranging from portable heart monitors to overhead crane controls, and its industrial box products provide wireless connections in harsh industrial environments. Cirronet’s products are based on proprietary and industry standard protocols that include ZigBee, Bluetooth(TM), and WIFI; and they operate in the license-free 900 MHz, 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz ISM bands. Cirronet is a wholly owned subsidiary of RF Monolithics, Inc.