HELINKS, UTInnovation to Create IEC 61850 Tools

UTInnovation and Helinks announced their partnership recently. Based on input from our valued customers, UTInnovation felt the need to partner with Helinks, a software company whose goal is to develop vendor independent tools for IEC 61850. We strongly believe the availability of such tools is important for utilities to be able to independently specify, build and support IEC 61850 based systems, and for the market introduction and acceptance of the standard.

The products of Helinks complement the portfolio of IED manufacturers and support utilities that want to integrate products from various vendors in their system. Helinks has currently developed a substation specification tool, as defined in IEC 61850 part 6, that can be used independent from any vendor by the utility.

The partnership with Helinks, while enhancing the capabilities of UTInnovation to serve its customers, will not affect its 100 percent commitment for providing independent consulting services to the utility industry.