Freescale Selects VI Technology Arendar Test Software

Freescale Semiconductor selects VI Technology and its Arendar(R) enterprise test software for its advanced integrated circuit (IC) characterization platform to help design engineers validate and characterize new silicon. Design engineers rely on a myriad of tests and large data sets to ensure that the ICs perform as expected. This characterization platform is designed to significantly reduce the time and effort engineers spend sifting through all the data and correlating results.

Arendar efficiently centralizes and aggregates test data, automatically generates custom reports, and instantly publishes them to a secure website. Design and test engineers easily and securely access this data from any location through a Web browser without worrying about where and how the data is stored or formatted. In addition, Freescale engineers share results with device manufacturers who use Freescale ICs in other products. By eliminating the need to gather all the data and manually create reports, Arendar helps engineers quickly verify product performance and speeds time to market.

“Arendar reduces the complexity of managing test data enabling our engineers to concentrate on the devices and their performance,” said Dan Buttino, senior program manager at Freescale’s Microcontroller Division.

VI Technology relies on more than 15 years of experience designing and developing enterprise test solutions and a team of highly-trained engineers to ensure that all customer needs are met while delivering the system in a timely manner.

About VI Technology
Since 1991, VI Technology has increased companies’ quality and productivity by delivering enterprise test services and solutions. VI Technology provides advanced automated test systems and comprehensive enterprise test management solutions that are used in design, characterization, validation, and manufacturing to increase product performance and quality while reducing development costs and time to market. Industries include semiconductor, communications, consumer electronics, defense, biomedical, and automotive.