VMETRO Rolls Out I/O Modules for FPGA-based PMCs

VMETRO has announced a trio of new I/O modules for use with its FPGA-based PMC products. Users can choose the front-end processing appropriate to the application from a dual channel 105 MSPS analog input, a dual channel 210 MSPS analog output or a RS485 module. All three I/O modules integrate into a VMETRO PMC-FPGA03, PMC-FPGA05 or DEV-FPGA05 card. These FPGA-based PMC/PCI boards feature Xilinx(R) Virtex(TM)-II Pro or Virtex(TM)-5 FPGAs and memory banks directly connected to the FPGA for signal and data processing in computationally intensive applications. Designed for DSP applications including Software Defined Radio (SDR), these products provide processing and I/O in a single, compact and flexible platform.

The ADC-MOD1 module has a dual channel 105 MSPS 14-bit analog front-end. It includes an on-module 105MHz sample clock and the ability to accept an external reference and trigger input. Four pairs of LVDS I/O are provided for general purpose use such as synchronizing multiple boards.

Complementing the analog input module is a dual channel 210 MSPS 14-bit analog output module. The DAC-MOD1 module also has provision for an external clock source, trigger input and general LVDS I/O signals. The product also feature a 210 MHz on-module oscillator.

The third module, the RS485-MOD2, is a 33 channel RS485/RS422 transceiver. For flexibility, all channels can be programmed to be inputs or outputs. Applications for this module include digital camera interfaces and general purpose control.

The ADC-MOD1 and DAC-MOD1 are available immediately and support the Xilinx Virtex-II Pro based PMC-FPGA03 PMC. Support for VMETRO’s PMC-FPGA05 and DEV-FPGA05 boards with Xilinx Virtex-5 LX110 FPGAs and the RS485-MOD2 will follow shortly.

VMETRO [OSE: VME] provide integrators of high-end embedded computer systems with products and services from development through deployment, with the highest levels of performance, innovation and reliability. Main product areas include 1) Embedded Computing – high-performance I/O and Digital Signal Processing boards and systems based on FPGAs and PowerPCs, 2) Data Recording and Storage – high-performance long endurance Recording / Playback systems and Rugged Storage solutions, and 3) Bus and Protocol Analyzers – advanced tools used to debug, optimize, validate and test computer based systems. All products are based on open standards like VME/VXS and PCI/cPCI/PMC/XMC, with strong focus on high-speed serial interconnects such as Fibre Channel, Serial FPDP, Aurora and PCI Express.

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