Virtutech Debuts Simics VMP Performance-Enhancing Modeling Technology

Virtutech, Inc., the leading provider of virtual software development solutions for advanced electronic systems, announced Simics VMP, a new performance-enhancing modeling technology in Virtutech Simics that leverages hardware virtualization capabilities featured in modern Intel and AMD chips. By utilizing on-chip virtualization technology, Simics VMP offers developers near-native performance along with the key benefits of virtualized software development, including integration with software debugging tools, deterministic execution, observability and controllability of the target hardware, and reverse execution.

Simics VMP draws on chip-level virtualization technology — traditionally used to allow multiple operating systems to run on the same PC — to maximize performance and scalability while providing a user-friendly development environment. Simics VMP is the only virtual software development solution that allows users to utilize hardware virtualization even for arbitrary target hardware based on x86 processors. Developers of application software, middleware, operating systems, and firmware rely on virtualized software development to reduce time-to-market, lower capital expenditure, and improve end-product quality.

“Virtual platforms offer greater visibility into complex systems, allowing for advanced debugging by enabling developers to more comprehensively observe system function without the need for sophisticated probing techniques and physical hardware,” said Matt Volckmann, senior analyst with Venture Development Corporation. “Execution speed is another key benefit provided by this emerging class of tools. By allowing x86 instructions to be run natively on the host processor rather than through simulation, Simics VMP looks to provide scalable simulation performance improvements for x86-based environments.”

Virtutech’s flagship platform Simics provides a programmer-friendly environment for testing and debugging embedded software by simulating the underlying hardware so accurately that even production binaries can run on it. Virtutech Hindsight, the first general-purpose development tool for reversible execution, allows developers to halt and reconfigure or restart entire multiprocessor systems and then run the code backward for in-depth investigation. By offering debugging capabilities not available in physical hardware, Virtutech Simics addresses the most pressing development challenges in today’s complex electronic systems, including multicore architecture and the dramatically increasing amount of mission-critical software in all electronics.

“The combined advantages of virtualization for software development and on-chip technology unlock the potential for a radical progression in testing and debugging, including the capability to build a fully reversible, high-performance PC,” said John Lambert, president and CEO, Virtutech. “Virtutech has innovated virtual software development techniques without any sacrifice to performance, making it possible for all software to be developed using Simics.”

Pricing and Availability
Simics VMP will be included in Virtutech Simics and will be available in the second half of 2007. For more information on the technology, call 408-392-9150.

About Virtutech
Virtutech, Inc. is the leading provider of full-system simulation for advanced software development. Virtutech’s Simics is a revolutionary, award-winning simulator that provides a programmer-friendly environment for testing and debugging embedded software. Simics eliminates software developers’ dependence on test hardware and drives concurrent development, enabling its customers to lower capital expenditure, accelerate time to market and reduce project risk. Based on more than a decade of R&D and close collaboration with leading universities and systems vendors, Virtutech’s technology serves the needs of the world’s leading technology providers, including Cisco, Ericsson, Honeywell, IBM and Smiths Aerospace. Virtutech is headquartered in San Jose, Calif.