Telelogic Announces SDL Suite 6.0

Telelogic (Nordic Exchange/MidCap/TLOG) announced the release of Telelogic SDL Suite(TM) 6.0, which now features improved kernel architecture for next-generation protocol development. The new release provides strong support for Linux(R) Host and Windows(R) Vista(TM) as well as integration with the Unified Modeling Language(TM) (UML(R)). These new capabilities reinforce SDL Suite’s position as the leading Model Driven Development(TM) (MDD(TM)) solution for communications protocol development.

SDL Suite 6.0 supports automated Model-Driven Development(TM) (MDD(TM)) workflows, which reduce development time and costs. New features enable engineers to optimize their 2G and 3G wireless systems development process, while preparing users for upcoming 4G systems. SDL Suite 6.0 also includes automation features to handle the increased call reliability and data throughput of today’s wireless systems.

The restructured execution kernel in SDL Suite 6.0 increases design flexibility and improves protocol development for next-generation wireless systems by enabling engineers to:

  • Manage increased system resources
  • Work with many more timers
  • Trade off between optimized performance and minimized resources

“While the SDL language is acknowledged as the best design and implementation approach for protocols, a key implementation issue is always scaling from a verified protocol specification to an implementation with many concurrent instances,” said Rick Reed, Rapporteur and Group Chair, International Telecommunication Union, Telecommunication Standardization Sector (Q.11/17). “Such scaling depends on the run-time system kernel for SDL, which is usually tool-vendor specific. The revised kernel that can handle large numbers (thousands) of timers and instances in one of the major telecoms industry tools, Telelogic SDL Suite 6.0, should therefore be an important, positive factor in the provision of modern-day, complex and high-performance communications protocols.”

Via its integration with Telelogic Rhapsody(R), the leading UML-based MDD solution for embedded and real-time development, SDL Suite 6.0 provides a powerful, new end-to-end UML/SDL solution that reduces development time and boosts product quality. This combination of MDD approaches fully automates the development, validation, code generation and testing of today’s complex communications applications and protocols.

SDL Suite 6.0 also supports Linux Host and Unicode. Linux support allows developers to leverage a common OS between host and embedded device streamlining testing, while Unicode enables globally distributed teams to work in their natural design environment, lowering costs and increasing developer productivity.

“Next-generation protocol development requires flexible, forward-thinking solutions,” said Ingemar Ljungdahl, Chief Technology Officer, Telelogic. “Telelogic continues to lead the way in protocol development by providing proven solutions for the world’s most complex cell phone protocol stack development projects. With Telelogic SDL Suite 6.0, we are now applying our SDL and UML expertise with Linux Host and Windows Vista compatibility to meet the needs of the 2G, 3G and upcoming 4G systems developer.”

The SDL Suite 6.0 offers full SDL and TTCN support for the Windows Vista platform. The average cost for an SDL Suite 6.0 development system is $17,900, including model creation, execution, code generation and test generation. In addition, each SDL Suite 6.0 user under current maintenance will receive a free copy of the Rhapsody Systems Architect modeling tool and the integration with SDL Suite 6.0.

About SDL and TTCN Suites
Telelogic SDL Suite is a real-time, software development tool that provides communications software specification and software development capabilities for complex communications systems described using the ITU-T Specification and Description Language (SDL) standard. Features include visual design and automatic software generation to increase quality and productivity. Telelogic TTCN Suite, the de facto standard environment for compliance testing of communicating systems, is used worldwide to test telecom and datacom equipment ranging from built-in communication chips to huge switches and intelligent network services. Along with the Telelogic TTCN Suite, SDL Suite has been successfully employed by dozens of communications product developers. SDL Suite is the tool of choice for the majority of cellular phone protocol stacks on the market today.

About Telelogic
Telelogic is the leading global provider of software solutions for Enterprise Lifecycle Management (ELM). Award-winning Telelogic software helps customers design, develop, and deliver the world’s most advanced and innovative products, systems, and software more efficiently by aligning and optimizing development lifecycles and business processes with business objectives and customer needs. Telelogic helps customers improve quality and predictability while reducing time-to-market and overall costs. Headquartered in Malmö, Sweden with U.S headquarters in Irvine, California, Telelogic conducts business in more than 40 countries. More than one third of the Fortune Global 500 companies use Telelogic software including marketing-leading aero/defense, automotive, financial services, software/electronic and telecommunications companies and governments worldwide.