Stream Processors to Drive IP Video Surveillance Market

Stream Processors, Inc. (SPI), a fabless semiconductor company that is making parallel processing simple, announced its plans to drive a new wave of innovation within the IP video surveillance market with a comprehensive family of digital signal processors (DSPs), ranging from a high-performance solution capable of eight simultaneous channels of full standard definition video encoding, to a single-chip IP cameras solution.

“As a company offering fully software programmable DSP solutions it is critical for us to focus on high-volume market opportunities where we can offer disruptive technology industry advancements,” said Chip Stearns, president and CEO of SPI. “Our Stream Processor Architecture(TM) is a perfect fit for demanding new applications such as IP Video Surveillance and we are already seeing traction in the market SPI intends to be the leading provider of solutions for this exciting and evolving market.”

IP Video Surveillance Market Opportunity
According to a recent report entitled IP/Networked Video Surveillance: Markets & Technology issued by market-research firm iSuppli Corp., the growth in video surveillance will open a vast array of opportunities for associated semi-conductors. iSuppli projects the market for surveillance-camera chips will hit $1.25 billion in 2011, more than double the $525 million in 2006.

The report goes on to suggest that “the IP camera segment is the biggest opportunity for semiconductor suppliers because it will grow from a relatively small segment to become the dominant technology in five years. A major shift in semiconductor revenue likely will be propelled by this trend to IP cameras.”

Storm-1: A New Class of DSPs
Based on the company’s breakthrough SPI Stream Processor Architecture, the Storm-1 family is suitable for a wide range of demanding signal processing applications, such as high-definition video H.264 encoding, transcoding, analytics, image processing and video surveillance with processing headroom for customer-specific enhancements. The Storm-1 family currently consists of the following devices:

  • Storm-1 SP16-G160 – A high-performance programmable DSP with 160 GOPS (billion operations per second), the SP16 enables the simultaneously encoding and interfacing of up to eight channels of H.264 Standard Definition video at costs approaching less than $10.00 per channel.
  • Storm-1 SP8-G80 – Targeted signal processing, video, and imaging applications that don’t require the cutting edge performance of the SP16, the SP8 delivers significant cost/performance advantages at 80 GOPS.
  • Storm-1 SP8LP-G30 – Designed for power and price sensitive applications such as IP cameras that need the flexibility of software programmability, the SP8LP offers a System-on-Chip solution with low cost per operation at less than $2.00 per GMAC.

About Stream Processors, Inc.
Stream Processors, Inc. (SPI) is a privately held fabless semiconductor company delivering an innovative stream processing architecture that helps consumer and industrial companies accelerate product development cycles and dramatically reduce system development costs. SPI was founded in 2004 to address the new era of compute-intensive applications requiring radically increased levels of processor performance and power efficiency. The company’s technology and products improve application productivity by making parallel processing easier to program and use.

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