Hagiwara bNAND Bootable NAND Flash Protects Embedded Applications

Hagiwara Sys-Com US Co., Ltd. (HSC-US), the industry leader in semiconductor application products for the cutting-edge consumer and industrial electronics — introduces “bNAND”, a bootable NAND flash with built-in flash controller and USB interface, measures at a mere 12mmx18mmx1.2mm. Enhanced with Hagiwara Sys-Com’s patented UDRW Technology, the bNAND can be configured to various drive configurations: a CD-ROM partition (read-only access), a Flash partition (read/write access) and Hidden Memory Zone.

The CD-ROM partition can be used to store the OS and prevent accidental or malicious erasure, overwrites, modifications and infection by viruses.

The Hidden Memory Zone, which is invisible to the OS, can be used to store passwords, credentials and serial numbers. The Hidden Memory Zone is scalable and can also be used to store application components, backup files, or even the entire application.

Also each bNAND possesses a hidden UniqueID. This UniqueID can be embedded in the application, restricting operation to a specific bNAND with the matching UniqueID only, thus preventing unauthorized copies of the application to other storage mediums.

Features Overview:

  • One-Chip Flash Data Storage
  • High Capacity — available in two capacities, 1GB and 2GB
  • High Performance — 17MB/sec (read), 6MB/sec (write)
  • USB 2.0 / 1.1 (High speed / full speed)
  • Supports USB HDD/CD Boot
  • JEDEC Standard P-FBGA 169-pin connector
  • Hidden Memory Zone
  • UniqueID
  • Permanent “Self-Destruct” function
  • Enhanced with UDRW Technology
  • RoHS compliant, Lead-Free
  • Also available in Type-A USB Drive and 10-pin USB module form factors

Possible applications include: gaming — arcade/slot, medical devices, thin client, set-top boxes, high-end MFP, GPS, and POS.

Availability: April 2007

About Hagiwara Sys-Com
Hagiwara Sys-Com Co., Ltd. designs, manufactures and markets highly innovative and versatile semiconductor application products ranging from digital consumer to industrial/embedded computing. Hagiwara is known for its high quality and reliability of their products of industrial and consumer applications.