Gumstix Doubles Memory, Increases Speed of Verdex Motherboards

Gumstix, Inc., maker of the world’s smallest full-function miniature computers, announce their verdex motherboards with a Marvell(R) PXA270 CPU offering USB host, CCD camera input, improved power management along with the twice as much memory and 50% more processor speed. These tiny motherboards power fully functional network servers yet fit in the palm of one’s hand.

Gumstix’ fastest verdex motherboard, the verdex XL6P, comes with a 600 MHz PXA270 processor, 128MB RAM, 32MB flash and three on-board connectors for expansion board connectivity: a 60-pin connector familiar to existing customers, and new 24-pin flex and 120-pin board-to-board connectors. Also available is on-board Bluetooth(TM) with u.fl antenna connector.

These new motherboards are compatible with existing 60 pin boards; however, to access the new functions (such as USB Host) the company will be announcing new expansion boards in the near future.

“We build commercial vehicle security solutions for the trucking and heavy equipment industries,” said Mark Ochitwa, VP, Operations and Product Development of MAGTEC Products, Inc.. “With the evolution of computing in the automotive and transportation industry, a compact and resilient design is required to make a product that will meet the industries needs. The verdex motherboard has addressed these requirements by offering a powerful, feature rich processor in a small package. The four hole mounting design for component boards makes it versatile and configurable yet rugged enough for most commercial grade applications.”

“Our customers build network appliances, commercial metering products, fleet management devices and security applications” said W. Gordon Kruberg, CEO and President of Gumstix, Inc. “Some of these features, particularly the USB Host function, fulfill long-standing requests from our customers.”

Every verdex motherboard comes preinstalled with the latest Linux 2.6 operating system and the open source u-boot boot-loader. All technical information may be found online on the gumstix wiki via the support tab.

The verdex motherboards are available online with single-unit pricing beginning at $129 and OEM pricing available below $60 for orders of 1,000 units with reduced processor speed, memory, or options.

About MAGTEC Products, Inc.
For more than 10 years, MAGTEC Products, Inc. has been a leader in developing and manufacturing commercial vehicle control systems specifically designed for trucking and heavy equipment. MAGTEC’s focus on preventive-based technology and fleet control addresses the increasing costs of theft and legal liability that face the transportation industry today. MAGTEC is headquartered in Calgary, Canada and operates a wholly owned subsidiary, MAGTEC Products (USA), Inc., in Henderson, NV, along with four sales offices in North America.

About Gumstix, Inc.
Founded in 2003, Gumstix develops and sells full function miniature computers to software VARs and hardware OEMs in over sixty countries. Built on an open source platform, the gumstix product line supports the growing networking and wireless devices markets and offers motherboards, expansion boards, and netstix(TM) and waysmall(TM) computers. The company focuses on commercial product designers, network managers and software engineers and also sells directly to students, professors, robotics enthusiasts and hobbyists.