Altium Designer 6 Features Korean Language Support

Altium Limited (ASX: ALU) announced the release of Korean language support capabilities for Altium Designer 6, its unified electronics product development system. This extends Altium Designer’s user interface language capabilities, which already features support for French, German, Japanese as well as Simplified and Traditional Chinese. As opposed to being a separate version of the software, Altium Designer’s support for Korean, as well as all other languages, is built into the system and is selectable during or after installation. This makes electronics development easier for both Korean engineers and large multinational organizations working across countries and regions.

Altium Designer’s multi-language capabilities deliver significant benefits both at an individual user experience level and the enterprise management level. For engineers, having access to a design tool that allows them to work in their local language means they can achieve greater efficiencies and higher quality in their design projects. For organizations, having a single application that can be easily deployed in multiple languages delivers even more ways to streamline the development of electronic products both for different native-speakers, within a single geographical workplace and across geographically-dispersed regions. This facilitates easy management of simultaneous rollouts for technology updates without having to manage logistically complex and time-consuming localizations for regional language differences or different product versions.

Altium Designer also supports the international Unicode standard, allowing developers to do electronics design in their native language and then work with developers in other languages and other countries without re-engineering or corruption to data. This combined functionality greatly eases design flows in multilingual electronic development environments and can lead to significantly lowered total cost of ownership of the system.

“We continuously look for ways to enable engineers around the globe to gain access to leading-edge design technologies in order to complete their electronics designs faster and use innovation as the way to stay ahead,” commented Nick Martin, founder and CEO, Altium Limited. “By providing design support and user-services in local languages, we can better help all our customers achieve higher performance, lower design costs, and deliver improved ease-of-use and a better overall user experience. What’s more, global companies can simply deploy and maintain a single unified solution for electronics development.”

Pricing and availability
Korean language support, as well as English, French, German, Japanese, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese, is now available with the latest software update for Altium Designer 6 – Altium Designer 6.7. All Altium Designer 6 license holders can download this update for free at Altium Designer 6 is available for purchase through Altium’s sales and support centers worldwide. For information on pricing and flexible product licensing options, customers should contact their local Altium sales and support center.

About Altium Designer
Altium Designer is the industry’s only electronics product development system that removes the barriers imposed by disparate design flows and unifies the different design disciplines involved in electronics product development – the design of the hardware, the programmable hardware and the embedded software. Altium Designer’s unified design environment means users can harness the potential of the latest electronics technologies, and move to a ‘soft’ design methodology without the need to acquire specialist programmable device expertise. This provides companies with increased design flexibility, reduced production costs and speeds time-to-market. Altium Designer also delivers the freedom to move between any device, from any vendor, at any time and lowers total cost of ownership by eliminating the need to integrate extra-cost add-ons to increase functionality, or make up a complete solution.

About Altium
Altium Limited (ASX:ALU) is the industry’s leading developer of electronic product development solutions dedicated to unifying the different design disciplines involved in electronics product development. Altium products ensure all electronic engineers, designers, developers, and their organizations, take maximum advantage of emerging design technologies to bring smarter products to market faster and easier. Founded in 1985, Altium is headquartered in Sydney, Australia with sales offices in the United States, Europe, Japan, China, and resellers in all other major markets.

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