IR Creates DirectFET MOSFET Chipset with Low On-State Resistance

International Rectifier, IR(R) (NYSE: IRF), a world leader in power management technology, introduced a new DirectFET(R) MOSFET chipset for high-current DC-DC converters used in notebook, high-end desktops and servers, and advanced telecom and datacom systems.

“Developed using the latest HEXFET(R) MOSFET silicon technology and IR’s benchmark DirectFET packaging technology, the IRF6712S control FET and IRF6716M sync FET are characterized with extremely low package inductance and device on-state resistance, gate charge and gate-to-drain charge to achieve high efficiency and superior thermal performance,” said John Lambert, technical marketing engineer for IR’s Discrete Products. “This allows operation up to 25 amperes per phase, in a small, sleek form factor,” Lambert added.

With low typical RDS(on) of only 1.2 mOhm at 10VGS and 2.0 mOhm at 4.5VGS, the IRF6716M MOSFET achieves the lowest on-state resistance for a 25V device, making it well-suited to synchronous rectifier sockets for high-frequency, high-current DC-DC converters used in applications that power high-current loads. The IRF6716M features a slim 0.7mm profile and the MX pad outline common to two generations of devices, allowing an easy migration from existing low-voltage DirectFET MOSFETs.

Optimized for high-current applications where a single control MOSFET is desired, the IRF6712S achieves a low gate charge (Qg) of 13nC and gate-to-drain charge (Qgd) of 4.4nC combined with low typical on-state resistance of 3.8 mOhm at 10VGS and 6.7 mOhm at 4.5VGS. The IRF6712S also presents a 0.7mm profile and the SQ pad outline common to two generations of control devices, allowing an easy migration from existing low-voltage MOSFETS.

Patented DirectFET Packaging Technology
International Rectifier’s patented DirectFET MOSFET packages present a whole new set of design advantages not previously delivered by standard plastic discrete packages. Their metal can construction enables dual-side cooling that effectively doubles the current handling capacity of high frequency DC-DC buck converters powering advanced microprocessors. In addition, devices in the DirectFET package are compliant with the Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive (RoHS).

Availability and Pricing
Pricing for the IRF6716M is US$ 1.27 each in 10,000-unit quantities and US$ 0.59 for the IRF6712S each in 10,000-unit quantities. Production orders are available immediately. Prices are subject to change.

About International Rectifier
International Rectifier (NYSE:IRF) is a world leader in power management technology. IR’s analog and mixed signal ICs, advanced circuit devices, integrated power systems and components enable high performance computing and reduce energy waste from motors, the world’s single largest consumer of electricity. Leading manufacturers of computers, energy efficient appliances, lighting, automobiles, satellites, aircraft and defense systems rely on IR’s power management benchmarks to power their next generation products.

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