Redline Receives FCC Approval for RedCONNEX AN-80i

Redline Communications Inc., a leading provider of standards-based WiMAX and broadband wireless infrastructure products, announced that it has received FCC approval for the latest release of its RedCONNEX(TM) AN-80i family of broadband wireless infrastructure solutions. The new AN-80i is the first FCC-approved solution available for the license-exempt 5.4 GHz spectrum intended for use in the United States. The product is also suited for applications worldwide, including Canada, Central and Latin America, the Middle East, Africa, Asia Pacific, Australia and parts of Europe.

Since the introduction of the AN-80i 5.4 GHz product in February 2007, Redline has received numerous multi-hundred unit orders for applications such as pipeline monitoring, border security and municipal networks from customers in markets outside the U.S. This market acceptance demonstrates that both public and private network operators value the technology optimization that allowed Redline to meet the extremely stringent requirements set by the FCC for operation in the United States.

The RedCONNEX AN-80i is Redline’s innovative professional broadband wireless infrastructure solution that delivers entry level connection speeds of 9 Mbps right up to 108 Mbps through software upgrade keys. “The AN-80i gives us the tools we need to cost-effectively establish fast connections to businesses, and seamlessly upgrade them to higher speeds without ever physically touching the radios,” said Jeff Thompson, CEO and President, Towerstream. “It’s all outdoor design and advanced capabilities significantly increase our ability to capture new customers with better market coverage and penetration.”

“The FCC-approval of the 5.4 GHz AN-80i demonstrates Redline’s ongoing commitment to providing their customers with solutions that deliver the critical first-to-market advantage needed to remain competitive,” said Adlane Fellah, Senior Analyst, Maravedis Inc. “I think Redline’s AN-80i is going to change the way network operators compete, especially for the smaller, rural, entrepreneurial Wireless Internet Service Providers (WISPs) that are prepared to take advantage of its capabilities and the new business models it enables.”

The availability of license-exempt spectrum is crucial to the cost-effective deployment of wireless broadband networks. Redline chose to focus on the rapid delivery of its AN-80i solution for the 5.4 GHz spectrum to empower service providers and other network operators to take advantage of this increased 255 MHz of license-exempt spectrum availability.

“We’re very proud to be the first company to receive FCC approval for our 5.4 GHz AN-80i, giving carriers and private network operators more choice and the industry’s best performance and value for backhaul,” said Kevin Suitor, Vice President, Marketing and Business Development, Redline Communications Inc. “The FCC approval of the AN-80i joins a long list of ‘industry firsts’ for Redline, showcasing our ability to bring the industry’s most innovative products to market before anyone else. It joins a growing family of award-winning RedCONNEX products that provide the reliability, speed and bandwidth operators need to ensure their networks deliver today’s highest quality voice, video and data applications.”

High-Bandwidth Applications
The RedCONNEX AN-80i supports a range of broadband wireless applications including backhaul for municipal wireless mesh networks, connectivity for video surveillance systems, transportation systems such as railways, oil and gas operations and providing backhaul for WiMAX networks including Redline’s RedMAX(TM) family of WiMAX Forum Certified(TM) systems, among others.

RedCONNEX(TM) AN-80i Family of Products
Operating in the license-exempt 5 GHz band, the AN-80i leverages proven OFDM technology to deliver industry-leading, high-speed Ethernet throughput. With its exceptional long range capabilities, the AN-80i is able to establish and maintain reliable, robust connectivity that can exceed 80 km (50 miles) in clear line-of-sight conditions. Available with a wide selection of antennas, the outdoor AN-80i system includes an audible antenna alignment indicator for quick and simple installation. The AN-80i incorporates several industry standards including AES as well as the IEEE 802.3af Power-over Ethernet (PoE) standard for supplying Ethernet data and power to the unit.

The AN-80i is an excellent choice for companies that require cost-effective, carrier-grade solutions to support advanced applications including transparent LAN, VoIP and high-quality video. The AN-80i redefines the benchmark for value – giving operators the industry’s most cost-effective solution for deploying and expanding their wireless network offerings.

About Towerstream
Towerstream (OTCBB: TWER.OB) is a leading fixed wireless service provider in the U.S., delivering high-speed Internet access to businesses. Founded in 2000, the company has established pre-WiMAX networks in such markets as New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Seattle, the greater Boston, Providence and Newport, R.I. areas, and continues to expand coverage throughout the country. The company was the first carrier selected to join the WiMAX Forum to assist leading vendors in establishing industry compliance with international broadband wireless access standards and cross-vendor interoperability.

About Redline Communications
Redline Communications is the leading provider of standards-based wireless broadband solutions. Redline’s RedMAX(TM) WiMAX Forum Certified(TM) systems and award-winning RedCONNEX(TM) family of broadband wireless infrastructure products enable service providers and other network operators to cost-effectively deliver high-bandwidth services including voice, video and data communications. Redline is committed to maintaining its wireless industry leadership with the continued development of WiMAX and other advanced wireless broadband products. With more than 35,000 installations in 75 countries, and a global network of over 100 partners, Redline’s experience and expertise helps service providers, enterprises and government organizations roll out the services and applications that drive their business forward.