Leica Geosystems Updates GNSS QC Software

Leica Geosystems, Inc. recently introduced GNSS QC Version 1.3 (V1.3 – Windows(R) Vista(R) operating system compatible), a stand-alone software that runs alongside Leica GPS Spider or similar reference station software programs to perform automatic quality checking and reporting of the logged RINEX data.

“The advanced analysis tools allow detailed site evaluation, receiver performance testing and multipath assessment,” said Gerard Manley, vice president of engineered solutions, Leica Geosystems, Inc. “It can also be used as a high-speed analyzer for deformation monitoring when combined with Leica GPS Spider positioning and post-processing products.”

Leica GNSS QC Software for GNSS Reference StationsLeica GNSS QC V1.3 contains numerous improvements that enhance the users’ workflow through additional controls and graphical output. The quality check now gives more satellite constellation-specific performance indicators and testing which will help in the management of mixed GPS/GLONASS reference stations. The new version also adds support for Microsoft(R) Windows Vista operating system.

With V1.3, GNSS QC now has the ability to connect the Leica Nivel 200 family of inclination sensors in addition to the GNSS monitoring features currently available. The new version also integrates the Customer Care Package (CCP program) concept for customer support and software maintenance to ensure continuing customer satisfaction.

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Leica GNSS QC – the stand-alone software that can run alongside Leica GPS Spider or other reference station software to perform automatic quality checking and reporting of the logged RINEX data.