DNF StorBank-XL 40t Storage Device Supports NAS, iSCSI

Mistral Solutions Pvt. Ltd., a leading provider of complete technology solutions and professional services, announced the availability of the StorBank-XL(TM) 40t from DNF Storage. The StorBank-XL(TM) Storage is an innovative hybrid technology of NAS and iSCSI (File and Block modes). This evolutionary storage offers advanced features, high performance and extended reliability in one single system. Easy setup, friendly GUI and high redundancy are a few key highlights of the StorBank-XL(TM) Storage. The flexible integrated NAS solutions can be configured for mass storage or high performance implementations.

The StorBank-XL(TM) 40t Pentium RAID NAS is a high-availability Tower Pentium D NAS server that incorporates Serial ATA storage capacities of 500GB to 3,000GB (3TB) with the latest NAS, iSCSI and RAID technologies. High performance features include choice of single Pentium processors, up to 12GB RAM and dual 10/100/1000 copper gigabit Ethernet connectivity and Software RAID or Hardware RAID. Data protection is ensured with a hardware RAID 6 controller, and all 4 disk drives are cold- swappable from the front of the unit.

The StorBank-XL(TM) 40t (tower) RAID NAS comes with the standard CD ROM and floppy disk drives, eliminating the hassle of trying to hook up an external CD ROM or floppy to the NAS server every time a new piece of software needs to be installed, as is the case with many other NAS appliances currently on the market. Easy installation and setup ensures that the StorBank-XL(TM) 40t RAID NAS is up and running in about 15 minutes after it is unpacked from the box.

The StorBank-XL 40t comes with a 3.0GHz Pentium D Dual-Core Processor (800MHz FSB) & provides upto 4GB System Memory (1GB Standard). It provides an option for both Cold Swappable & Hot Swappable Power Supply (450 watt). Further, it has a support for software RAID & has the option to upgrade to Hardware RAID. It supports RAID 0, 1, 5, 6 and 10.

The StorBank-XL(TM) software is easy to manage & deploy and makes remote management of the storage device effortless & convenient. It can be easily managed from anywhere in the network by using a web-browser. By supporting NAS and iSCSI, StorBank-XL(TM) enables multiple users to share the same storage space simultaneously, and minimize overhead by managing the hard disks centrally. The StorBank-XL(TM) offers excellent price-to-performance ratio, enhanced manageability, and increased productivity. Further, it provides heterogeneous environment support, which includes support for NFS, CIFS and Apple File Systems.

The point-in-time snapshot feature of the StorBank-XL(TM) ensures that restoration of data is made simple and convenient. The StorBank-XL(TM) Storage System also integrates agents for common backup software packages including Veritas and EMC Dantz and CA BrightStor. Block-based replication is also available between two StorBank-XL(TM) units, simplifying the setup of Disaster Recovery sites. Units can also be mirrored to create online backup copies of data. StorBank-XL(TM) Storage is an affordable, scalable and reliable way to manage all the data in an organization.

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