Paratek Unveils Adaptive Impedance Matching Module for Mobile Handsets

Paratek announces the introduction of a revolutionary new product that will improve RF performance of next-generation mobile handsets. The Adaptive Impedance Matching Module (AIMM(TM)) will give mobile phones the ability to adapt for changing real-world conditions that degrade handset performance. AIMM, designed for rapid insertion into wireless handheld units, is based upon Paratek’s ParaScan(TM) RF tuning material and the recently-introduced ParaTune(TM) family of passive tunable ICs.

AIMM was specifically designed to address some of the most challenging and difficult problems facing handset makers, carriers and users. How the phone is held, how it is stored, distance from the base station, and changing from flip-open to flip-closed can all lead to ‘de-tuned’ and less-efficient handsets. The industry sees this in the form of dropped or missed calls, marginal coverage, and poor battery performance because current fixed circuits are unable to adapt and re-tune to compensate. The ‘self-correcting’ feature of AIMM gives mobile handsets the ability to work at an optimum level regardless of environmental conditions.

AIMM is a fully-integrated multi-chip module that monitors and corrects for impedance mismatches in all types of mobile devices. Sensors within AIMM monitor impedance mismatches as they occur and instantly correct for them, creating a closed-loop automatic process. Changes in temperature, unit-to-unit handset variation, voltage differences, and multi-protocol (GSM, EDGE, WCDMA) operation can also lead to mismatches.

The ‘adaptive’ feature of AIMM yields several important advantages, according to Mr. Greg Mendolia, senior vice president mobile wireless products for Paratek. “With AIMM in their handsets, users will see a significant increase in call quality plus a major decrease in dropped and missed calls under all conditions. Carriers will be able to increase their call-start success rate and introduce newer revenue-generating, high-bandwidth services. Handset makers will be able to provide better performance from smaller antennas, including an increase in total radiated power (TRP), longer battery life and dramatically improved link margin.” AIMM will also shorten development cycles and time-to-market for new handsets, giving manufacturers the ability to quickly respond to changing market trends with performance-optimized products. “AIMM is the right solution at the right time and we can produce it now,” concluded Mendolia.

AIMM is designed for high volume, cost-effective production using standard processes and techniques. Concept prototypes of AIMM are available now.

Paratek will be demonstrating AIMM at CTIA Wireless in Orlando, Florida, March 27-29, Room MR-127. To arrange a scheduled demonstration of AIMM, please e-mail your request to

About Paratek
Paratek Microwave, Inc. designs and manufactures adaptive RF front-end component solutions for multi-mode and multi-band mobile wireless applications. The Company is privately held and headquartered in Columbia, MD, with additional offices in Nashua, NH and Crystal Lake, IL.