OCP-IP Releases OCP SystemC Channel 2.2

Open Core Protocol International Partnership (OCP-IP) announced the availability of the SystemC Transaction Level Model (TLM) Channel version 2.2. The new release provides full support of OCP 2.2 including support for the new 2D bursts and pipe-lined thread busy features. The latest enhancements further improve model interoperability, ensuring maximized productivity in system level modeling.

In addition, the support of OCP 2.2 features is also reflected in the adapters provided by the channel that are used to move between different levels of abstraction. Also included are enhancements to the monitor interface, and documentation.

Version 2.2 again represents a most comprehensively tested release utilizing the previously announced regression suite donated to OCP-IP from the ESL Working Group of Taiwan SoC Consortium, sponsored by Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Taiwan. The regression suite allows OCP-IP to ensure a superior level of code testing is accomplished before channels are released.

Work on the release was completed by the OCP-IP System Level Design Working Group including: CoWare, GreenSocs, Sonics, and Texas Instruments. Additional testing was graciously performed by other EDA member companies.

“OCP-IP has shipped many thousands of copies of TLM work over the years and we are particularly proud of their quality and ongoing progression,” said Mark Burton, chairman OCP-IP System Level Design Working Group. “It is a pleasure to head this group of experts from leading companies engaged in transaction-level modeling.”

About OCP-IP
The OCP International Partnership Association, Inc. (OCP-IP), formed in 2001, promotes and supports the Open Core Protocol (OCP) as the complete socket standard ensuring rapid creation and integration of interoperable virtual components. OCP-IP’s Governing Steering Committee participants include: Nokia (NYSE:NOK), Texas Instruments (NYSE:TXN), Toshiba Semiconductor Group (including Toshiba America TAEC), and Sonics. OCP-IP is a non-profit corporation delivering the first fully supported, openly licensed, core-centric protocol comprehensively fulfilling system-level integration requirements. The OCP facilitates IP core reusability and reduces design time, risk, and manufacturing costs for SoC designs. VSIA endorses the OCP socket, and OCP-IP is affiliated with VSIA.