NXP, TI, Sony Claim Top Spots in Contactless IC Vendor Ranking

NXP Semiconductors has been ranked at the top of a new Contactless IC Vendor Matrix released by ABI Research. Texas Instruments and Sony Corporation claimed the second and third spots in the company’s most recent evaluation of IC vendors serving the contactless payments market worldwide. The Vendor Matrix is an analytical tool developed by ABI Research to provide a clear understanding of vendors’ positions in specific markets.

ABI Research evaluates vendors on the basis of Innovation and Implementation by selecting multiple criteria related to product/company characteristics that serve as proxies for the vendors’ performance in these two areas. Vendors are assigned numerical scores that are aggregated and analyzed to provide overall rankings of each vendor on the Innovation and Implementation axes.

For the evaluation of Contactless IC vendors, relevant criteria included: product and manufacturing innovation and feature set; key roles in developing and expanding the market through industry leadership and knowledge transfer; global capacity; reach and support; vertical market focus and product adoption, as well as cross-regional delivery and adoption.

To view a list of the “top five” firms in this Vendor Matrix, please visit Contactless IC Vendor Matrix. Registration on the ABI Research website (free) is required. Access to the rankings and profiles of all companies surveyed is available to clients of ABI Research. This Vendor Matrix forms part of ABI Research’s Mobile and Contactless Commerce Research Service.

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