Strategy Analytics, Embedded Market Forecasters Target Embedded Systems

Strategy Analytics is pleased to announce a new partnership with Embedded Market Forecasters (EMF), to jointly develop a set of metrics to describe the efficiency of current embedded systems development practices. In addition, this baseline data will be used to explore the organizational issues, software development practices and design tools needed to develop truly innovative, breakthrough applications.

“As the premier source of information on the metrics of embedded systems, the EMF knowledge base provides our clients with benchmarks and insights on best practices, critical success factors and emerging trends in digital systems design,” said Harvey Cohen, President of Strategy Analytics. “Dr. Jerry Krasner, President of EMF, is the acknowledged expert in the field of embedded systems development issues. His data and research into current embedded systems development practices will provide context for our research into the challenges of innovation in new product development for mobile devices, automotive sub-systems and a large variety of consumer electronics products.”

According to Dr. Jerry Krasner: “We, at Embedded Market Forecasters, are excited to collaborate with Strategy Analytics. The data and insights on embedded systems provided by EMF will complement the research in digital systems design conducted by Strategy Analytics for its clients. EMF data is already being used as a primary benchmark by the US Navy, Marines, NASA and various consumer electronics companies, for their development projects.”

“Consumer electronics product vendors, as well as manufacturers of automotive electronics subsystems, continue to feel the pressure to develop breakthrough applications, but are not yet doing a great job of managing the complexity of the embedded code in their existing systems,” said Neena Buck, Vice President of the Strategy Analytics Intelligent Systems Implementation Service (ISIS). “Although software development methodologies, tools and good programming practices are available, very few developers of embedded systems are formally trained in the use of these tools and methodologies, or are motivated to design systems that incorporate such concepts as abstraction, modeling and code-re-use. The EMF data gives us a handle on the metrics and economics of the current state of product development. In addition, it provides Strategy Analytics ISIS clients with some context to measure the state of efficiency of their systems development practices.”

Under this partnership, EMF will provide input for the ISIS program research. Access to the EMF database and research will also be available separately through Strategy Analytics.

About Embedded Market Forecasters
Embedded Market Forecasters (EMF) is the premier market intelligence and advisory firm in the embedded technology industry. Embedded technology refers to the ubiquitous class of products that use some type of processor or controller. These products include guided missiles, radar, avionics, robots, medical electronics, automotive subsystems and consumer electronics. EMF provides benchmarked data on technology product development practices, and compares practices, productivity and trends across a number of industries including automotive electronics, avionics, medical equipment, factory automation, defense and consumer electronics. EMF surveys thousands of working level product developers, lead engineers and product managers each year, in a number of markets, to determine current practices, trends and practice efficiency.

About Strategy Analytics
Strategy Analytics, Inc. – a global research and consulting firm – provides timely insights and strategic business solutions to companies operating at the convergence of information, communications and entertainment technologies. With worldwide headquarters in Boston, MA, and principal offices in England, France and Germany, Strategy Analytics focuses on market opportunities and challenges in the areas of Automotive Electronics & Multimedia, Digital Consumer, Wireless Strategies, Enabling Technologies and Intelligent Systems.