Jetstream Introduces Three New IP Cores

Jetstream Media Technologies announced the availability of three IP cores: modular exponentiation accelerator, ultra fast XTS IP, and ultra-fast dual-mode JetCombo-2 IP.

Modular Exponentiation Accelerator – JetPKC accelerates asymmetric RSA(TM) encryption (up to 4096-bit) and Diffie-Hellman key exchange. Based on the company’s patent pending technology, JetPKC is scalable. For size/power-sensitive implementation, it utilizes small gate count while off-load embedded processor from the computational intensive calculation. For high throughput design, JetPKC incorporates additional hardware via pipelining and parallelism.

Ultra-Fast XTS-AES IP – Delivers 10 to 50-Gigabit/s throughput for hard disk encryption applications based on IEEE P1619-draft. Ultra-fast IPs are scalable to meet target data rates. The more stages of pipeline, the higher the throughput.

Ultra-Fast dual-mode JetCombo-2 IP – Delivers 10 to 50-Gigabit/s throughput for AES-GCM mode (Galois Counter Mode) and XTS-AES mode by sharing hardware resources.

“Many of the next generation System on Chips (SoC) integrate both symmetric and asymmetric encryptions required by their protocols. With the addition of the new modular exponentiation accelerator for asymmetric encryption, our company offers a rich selection of security IPs and empowers SoC design teams to build total security solutions,” said Dr. Philip Chao, president and CEO of Jetstream Media Technologies.

Other security IPs Jetstream Media Technologies offers include: AES family, CCM family, multiple-mode JetCombo family, GCM, XTS, triple-DES, HMAC, and hashing cores supporting MD5, SHA-1, SHA-224, SHA-256, SHA-384, and SHA-512.

Jetstream Media Technologies helps customers to speed time to market and to achieve targeted performance/gate count through flexible and reliable security IPs. We are committed to support our customers to meet their design challenges and project goals.

Jetstream Media Technologies is a rapidly growing company in the field of semiconductor intellectual property (IP) cores for protection of communications, storage and digital contents.