MAZeT Announces Fabless ASIC Foundry Packaging Services

MAZeT GmbH, a leading systems vendor for industrial electronics, presents its range of services, which has been extended to include packaging services, under the name Fabless ASIC Foundry. MAZeT, which has been known as ASIC Designhaus until know, has extended its range of services to include packaging for standard casings (SOIC, QFN, QFP) and customer specific solutions. As a result of partnerships with companies in Europe MAZeT is able to offer its customers cost-effective packaging, which is designed on-site in Germany for projects with tight deadlines.

MAZeT has an efficient cooperation network and extensive expertise in testing and qualification of components especially for optical ASICs, and also has their own testing and air-conditioning technology. The additional services complement those that MAZeT already has on offer, benefiting the customer and completing the range provided by its Fabless ASIC Foundry Services.

MAZeT GmbH’s speciality products are variable, adjustable optical filters directly plated onto the silicon chip. Furthermore, MAZeT also stands out as a result of the combination of glass and silicon, and packages with integrated optics. According to the operational requirements, standard SMD casings and customer-specific solutions are available. MAZeT completes the required qualification tasks on behalf of the customer when developing new casing constructions, and ensures that there will be a constantly high level of quality throughout the entire product lifetime.

About MAZeT
MAZeT GmbH is a leading European development and manufacturing service provider. The Jena-based company, which was founded in 1992, develops, manufactures and supplies client-specific electronic devices, software and ASICs and markets its own products internationally, under the JENCOLOUR(R) brand. In the realm of industrial electronics and optical sensors, MAZeT GmbH is a well-established and reliable service partner for customised client-specific solutions due to its wide ranging technological products and application know-how. Its developmental competencies and components for specific uses are used in the overall fields of industrial mechanics, control and automation systems and medical technology, among other things.