LitePoint Releases WiMAX Manufacturing Test Software

LitePoint Corporation, an industry leading provider of advanced WLAN test solutions, announced the release of the LitePoint IQfact(TM) turnkey WiMAX manufacturing test software based on Beceem Communications’ mobile WiMAX chipset running on the LitePoint IQmax(TM) family of advanced WiMAX one-box test solutions. Wireless product manufacturers can now get the same fast test times and best test coverage for WiMAX that they’ve already been getting using Litepoint’s other successful IQfact products for WiFi, MIMO and Bluetooth.

“LitePoint’s presence and leadership in wireless test manufacturing environments is well known. Having third-party manufacturing test solutions for Beceem-based devices will help accelerate the adoption and growth of our products in the mobile WiMAX market,” said David M. Patterson, vice president of marketing of Beceem Communications. “Early relationships and solutions like these are critical in enabling product designers, OEMs/ODMs and QA groups to develop and test their WiMAX products in their labs and in production.”

“As the leading on-chip test solution provider in the WiMAX and WLAN test space, we are delighted that Beceem Communications chose us to support their products to give customers the lowest cost of test available,” said Dr. Benny Madsen, CEO of LitePoint. “Our early engagement in the OEM design cycle with leading innovators like Beceem benefits all in the product chain.”

LitePoint IQfact(TM) for Beceem WiMAX manufacturing test software is currently optimized for products based on Beceem’s BC-MS120 Mobile WiMAX chipset and will support future versions. IQfact runs on LitePoint IQmax-500 R&D and IQmax-100 high-volume manufacturing WiMAX one-box test solutions. The software contains a flexible operator interface, a test suite of recommended tests and test limits, and calibration and verification procedures needed for the manufacturing of WiMAX products. IQfact for Beceem offers a ready-to-go WiMAX solution which allows for quick bring-up and integration into a factory’s manufacturing environment.

About IQmax WiMAX Test Solutions
Exclusive, industry-proven LitePoint technology replaces costly general-purpose equipment while ensuring compliance with future WiMAX, WLAN, MIMO standard changes. The IQmax-500 R&D and IQmax-100 manufacturing test products are wide bandwidth devices that incorporate the capabilities of a Vector Signal Analyzer (VSA), Vector Signal Generator (VSG), spectrum analyzer, and power meter into a single high-performance instrument. LitePoint one-box testers independently produce highly accurate signals ensuring consistent and reliable test results.

IQfact for Beceem WiMAX test program is available now. Contact LitePoint for details at +1 408 456 5000 / email:

About LitePoint Corporation
LitePoint Corporation, based in Sunnyvale, California, designs, develops, markets, and supports advanced wireless test solutions for developers and marketers of branded wireless products, for consumer electronics and contract manufacturers, and for wireless IC designers. By leveraging its in-house expertise in the design of wireless systems and ICs, LitePoint has developed innovative test solutions to assure product conformance to specifications, interoperability with other compliant products, and overall product quality. LitePoint test products address both R&D and high-volume production, providing its customers with superior ROI, accelerated time-to market, improved manufacturing yields, improved product quality, and increased profitability.

IQview is a registered trademark and IQmax IQflex, IQnxn, IQsignal, IQwave, IQfact, and IQcheck are trademarks of LitePoint Corporation.