Elpida Memory Partners with IMEC for 50nm DRAM

Elpida Memory, Inc. (Elpida), Japan’s leading global supplier of Dynamic Random Access Memory (DRAM), has entered into a multi-year partnership with IMEC, Europe’s leading independent nanoelectronics research center, to perform research and development for beyond 50nm DRAM process generations.

With this agreement, four of the top five leading DRAM suppliers including Elpida, Micron, Samsung and Qimonda, collaborate within IMEC’s global research platform, together with world leading logic IDM’s and foundries.

Building on more than 20 years of experience on non-volatile memory research, IMEC extended in 2006 its sub-32nm CMOS research platform towards memory scaling. Thereby, IMEC’s package of (sub-)32nm CMOS research programs addresses the challenges of both logic and memory-oriented roadmaps.

The platform brings together the key semiconductor industry players from leading IDM’s, foundries, memory companies, equipment and material suppliers with increasing participation of fabless and fablite companies.

From April 1, a team of researchers of Elpida will start collaborating closely with IMEC’s researchers to build up fundamental understanding and to develop robust solutions for front-end-of-line memory technologies in order to perform research and development for beyond 50nm DRAM process generations.

“We are excited that Elpida has joined our research platform. We are convinced that their valuable know-how in memory scaling will be an important asset for our global research platform,” said Prof. Gilbert Declerck, President and CEO of IMEC. “By concluding strong partnerships with different company clusters, both in logic and memory, IMEC aims to provide an answer to the needs and priorities of all the players in the semiconductor supply chain.”

“R&D cost and the challenges to develop beyond 50nm DRAM process generations are increasing at rapid pace requiring research partnerships to ensure competitive time-to-market of new products,” stated Mr. Sakamoto, President and CEO of Elpida. “By joining IMEC’s large network of partners including the leading memory suppliers, we will be able to maintain our strong position in the DRAM market.”

About Elpida Memory, Inc.
Elpida Memory, Inc., (Tokyo Stock Exchange Code 6665), is a leading manufacturer of Dynamic Random Access Memory (DRAM) silicon chips. Our design, manufacturing, and sales operations are backed by our world class technology expertise. Our manufacturing facilities, Hiroshima Elpida Memory, Inc. (front-end processes) and Akita Elpida Memory, Inc. (back-end processes), utilize the most advanced manufacturing technologies available in the industry.

Further, we have customer sales and marketing support offices in Japan, North America, Europe, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore. Elpida’s portfolio of advanced products features such characteristics as high-density, high-speed, low power and small packing profiles. We provide applications across a wide range of areas, including high-end servers, mobile phones and digital consumer electronics.

About IMEC
IMEC is a world-leading independent research center in nanoelectronics and nanotechnology. Its research focuses on the next generations of chips and systems, and on the enabling technologies for ambient intelligence. IMEC’s research bridges the gap between fundamental research at universities and technology development in industry. Its unique balance of processing and system know-how, intellectual property portfolio, state-of-the-art infrastructure and its strong network of companies, universities and research institutes worldwide position IMEC as a key partner for shaping technologies for future systems.

IMEC is headquartered in Leuven, Belgium, has a sister company in the Netherlands, IMEC Nederland, concentrating on wireless autonomous transducer solutions, and has representatives in the US, China and Japan. Its staff of more than 1500 people includes more than 500 industrial residents and guest researchers. In 2006, its estimated revenue (P&L) was EUR 227 million.