Simucad Introduces Real-Time Remix EDA Licensing Model

All too often, expensive EDA tools sit idle on customers’ systems waiting for important but occasional use. These idle tools represent a significant investment that is never fully utilized. At the same time, the design process may be slowed due to a shortage of licenses for tools currently required within the design flow. With traditional licensing, these bottlenecks are only solved by spending large amounts of money on additional tool-specific licenses that could then join other idle licenses after the design moves to another stage in the design flow.

With the introduction of the Real-Time Remix(TM) Licensing model, EDA designers finally have full flexibility and control over their tools.

Real-Time Remix is an innovative token-based environment in which a number of tokens are purchased. These tokens are used instead of licenses to run any combination of Simucad’s EDA design tools. When a tool is launched, it checks out a pre-defined number of tokens from the available pool. When the tool exits, the tokens are released back to the pool. All of this happens in real time without any contact with the tool vendor.

The Real-Time Remix model maximizes the return on investment and removes the pressure from CAD managers to accurately predict and purchase the correct mix of tools. No additional purchase is required for new tools as they become available.

“Using Tokens for tools is truly revolutionary and all vendors should be pushed to support it,” says Suraj Bhaskaran of Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc. “With the advent of this new token-based system we immediately converted all of our traditional Simucad licenses to tokens. This provides us with complete flexibility on the tools we use and maximizes our return on investment. When we are approaching tape-out and our pool of tokens needs augmenting, Simucad will also supply short term tokens to cover peak demands.”

Dr. Ivan Pesic, President and CEO of Simucad adds, “The Real-Time Remix licensing model will make our customers very happy. It removes licensing shackles that have existed for years, and the customer is finally free to have full access to any tools whenever they need them.”

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About Simucad Design Automation
Simucad Design Automation is a leading provider of simulation and CAD software tools used for developing analog, mixed-signal, and RF integrated circuits. Founded in 2004 with assets from Silvaco International, the company delivers proven products for circuit simulation, custom IC layout/verification, interconnect modeling, digital simulation, and IP characterization. The company integrates these best-in-class products with experienced support and engineering services to provide a complete PDK-based design flow with interfaces to leading third-party design platforms. Worldwide customers include leading fabless semiconductor companies, integrated device manufacturers, foundries, universities and designers of integrated circuits who require the utmost in accuracy, performance and value.