PulseCore Reduces EMI with Timing Safe Drop-in Device

PulseCore Semiconductor, the EMI experts, announced the industry’s first spread-spectrum enabled EMI reduction devices that maintain synchronization between both clock and data paths. The Timing Safe(TM) line merges two technologies: zero delay clocking and spread-spectrum clock modulation for EMI reduction, with enhanced options for controlling spread margin and timing. The result is an EMI reduction IC that can be directly dropped in the path of an offending clock while maintaining the same phase and timing relationship with the synchronized data.

“The problem of excess EMI is growing exponentially with ever-shrinking converging technologies,” said Steve Kao, vice president of marketing and sales for PulseCore Semiconductor. “PulseCore’s Timing Safe line targets excess EMI at the source allowing for last minute fixes and fast time to FCC compliance.”

Timing Safe devices can be used in a general clock interface environment for a variety of consumer electronics and computing applications including memory subsystems, embedded platforms and numerous other interfaces. The flexibility of the architecture will allow PulseCore to extend the product line to support low power and higher frequency products, which will target other applications like cell phones, digital TVs and more.

In a recent project with Compal Electronics, PulseCore Timing Safe devices were dropped in to reduce EMI in a multi-clock PCI graphics sub-system. Within four weeks and with limited re-design work, Timing Safe reduced EMI in the range of 4db to 12db.

“With the PulseCore ASM3P62300B, we were able to target trouble spots directly, ensuring that critical clock-data alignment is maintained,” said George Chou, EMI design manager at Compal Electronics. “PulseCore Semiconductor continues to deliver innovations in spread-spectrum EMI reduction, and is expanding it into areas that were previously thought to be impractical or even impossible.”

About Timing Safe ICs
PulseCore is initially offering two Timing Safe models. The ASM3P62300A/B/C are available in an 8-pin package, providing a single EMI-compliant phase-aligned output, and the ASM3P62300D/E are available in 16-pin packages with eight phase-aligned EMI-compliant outputs. Pin-to-pin skews are guaranteed to be less than 250 pS.

The ASM3P62300D/E also offer a Delay Control pin that can vary the input- to-output delay using a capacitive load. This can be used to achieve zero input-to-output phase shifts. These products target frequencies from 15 MHz to 50 MHz and offer selectable timing control and spread deviation. PulseCore Semiconductor offers commercial and industrial temperature grades, with standard tin-lead or full RoHS-compliant products.

Samples are available now upon request. Pricing is based on volume.

About PulseCore
PulseCore Semiconductor, a privately-held company, is a leading provider of standard and custom high-speed and low-power analog and mixed-signal silicon solutions for EMI reduction, clocking, power management and system monitoring. Known for pioneering the world’s first spread-spectrum device, PulseCore provides both standard and custom high-performance Integrated Circuits (ICs) that meet the needs of OEMs developing digital consumer, PC peripheral and datacom/ telecom devices. PulseCore solutions can be found in more than 75 million end products worldwide. The company is headquartered in Campbell, California and has offices in Bangalore, India and Taipei, Taiwan.