Barric Opens Lab for Surface Mount Rework and Repair

Contract electronics manufacturer, Barric, have announced the creation of a dedicated electronics rework and repair lab. This new facility will undertake the test, inspection and repair of surface mount and BGA based electronic systems for technology manufacturers across Europe. In addition to Barric’s extensive experience in this field, the new facility is equipped with a 3D tilt and rotate X-Ray machine, an ERSA Scope, the most advanced Automated Optical Inspection systems and boundary scan technology for the internal testing of BGA devices.

“The new test and rework lab has been an essential investment that we have had to make in order to stay at the forefront of electronic manufacturing,” said Mike Bayley, Director of Business Development at Barric. “We are increasingly taking on complex surface mount projects, many of which require a safety critical performance and a very high level of manufacture. This facilities will enable us to ensure the quality of our manufacturing process and the quality of any repairs that we are asked to undertake.”

Barric currently manages circuit board warranty inspection and repairs for some of the most recognized technology companies in the world and provides X-Ray inspection services to a diverse range of engineering companies. The new facility will enable Barric to grow this side of their business, offering small and large technology companies the benefits of this facility.

“Inspecting and repairing modern circuit boards requires a lot of investment and expertise,” said Mike Bayley. “For complex devices such BGA microprocessor devices, multi-layer boards and surface mount connectors, the 3D tilt and rotate X-Ray inspection machine is essential to ensure the integrity of the placement and that no short-circuits or mis-alignments exists. Equally important is the role of the Automated Optical Inspection Systems. These machines use a similar technology to optical character readers and can inspect a finished circuit board to ensure all the components are not only placed correctly but that they are also of the correct value or type. We feel sure these facilities will be very attractive to manufacturers who do not currently have this technology and do not have the volumes to justify such an investment.”

Since 1992 Barric have been providing surface mount pcb manufacturing services for products such as forecourt petrol pumps, broadcast audio systems, commercial vehicle data logging systems, marine safety systems and medical products. Working within a RoHS and ISO9000 compliant environment, Barric have become a recognised leader in this field and supply technology companies as far away as the US.

“Over the years we have certainly gained a lot of specialist knowledge in the area of reworking surface mount components and re-balling BGA devices,” said Mike. “For the newer RoHS compliant devices, we have invested in thermal profiling technology, this us ensures that we work within the narrow temperature window that is essential for these components.”

About Barric
Barric manufacture electronic products for large and small companies across the world. With 20 years of experience, investment and success, Barric are very much leaders in this field. Equipped with the latest surface mount manufacturing equipment, hi-tech inspection technology and a team of expert engineers, Barric works closely with ‘cutting edge’ development companies from early stage design right through to volume shipment. Whether it is simply the production of electronic assemblies or complete product manufacture, Barric provide one of the best facilities available in Europe.