Mentor Offers Co-Verification Support for MIPS32 34K Processor Cores

Mentor Graphics(R) Corporation (Nasdaq:MENT) announced a new processor support package (PSP) for the MIPS32(R) 34K(TM) family of processor cores. Developed jointly with MIPS Technologies, this new C-based PSP supports transaction-level (TLM) and register-transfer level (RTL) simulation to give engineers a consistent platform upon which to view, validate and co-verify the multi-threaded hardware/software interactions occurring on the 34K processors.

Processing multiple software threads in parallel, the MIPS32 34K cores deliver significant gains in system performance and cost savings, with a very modest increase in die size. However, taking full advantage of these capabilities requires a powerful verification approach that allows designers to see parallel operations simultaneously.

“In multi-threaded processing, the hardware/software interactions of the system become intensely complex. Mentor Graphics’ processor support package gives our customers insight into high-level activity across multiple threads, as well as detailed activity on any single thread,” said Jack Browne, vice president of marketing at MIPS. “The result is a design flow that makes it easier for our customers to maximize the performance potential of applications based on our 34K processor family.”

The cycle-accurate PSP for MIPS32 34K processors is designed to work with the Mentor Graphics Seamless(R) co-verification tool, the first co-verification tool to support the 34K core family. The Mentor Graphics solution supports detailed views of the design, down to registers, system busses, and memory activity. The new Seamless PSP also supports comprehensive views of a 34K core’s virtual processing elements (VPEs) and thread contexts (TCs) to simplify verification and debug of software execution in a multi-threading system which can even include multiple operating systems running on a single 34K core. These capabilities enable engineers to optimize system performance and resolve hardware/software integration problems early in the design cycle, avoiding late-stage silicon re-spins that can cost millions of dollars.

“Mentor Graphics teams with industry-leading CPU vendors like MIPS Technologies to help our mutual customers maximize the value of their processor investments,” said Serge Leef, general manager of the System-Level Engineering Division at Mentor Graphics. “With this Mentor/MIPS combination, hardware engineers get a consistent, efficient system validation and co-verification platform that they can leverage throughout their electronic system level (ESL) and traditional RTL design processes.”

The Seamless PSP for the MIPS32 34K family is currently available from Mentor Graphics. For technical and pricing information, please email

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