Code Generation Conference

The theme of the Code Generation 2007 conference is “Run models – not your code!” The event will be held in Cambridge from 18th-20th May. In the session, entitled “Putting models (not code) at the heart of the enterprise” Tony Clark of Xactium Ltd. notes that enterprise modelling is increasingly becoming a standard technique with more organizations modelling more of their business than ever before.

Models are not limited to software systems; they include: business processes, business goals, and test cases. Tony will propose that organizations should be organized by placing models at the centre of their business and running the business directly off the models. A key technology issue for this to take place is that generating code from models is not appropriate – don’t generate code, just run the models.

Tony’s session is just one of thirty-five sessions to be led by software industry experts at CG2007. Visit the CG2007 web site for more information.