RIOLAB Qualifies TI DSPs for Device Interoperability Level 1

RIOLAB(TM), a division of Fabric Embedded Tools Corporation and the world’s only independent RapidIO(R) interoperability testing facility, announced that the Texas Instruments (TI) TMS320C6455 and TMS320TCI6482 digital signal processors (DSP) are the first DSPs to have successfully passed Device Interoperability Level 1 (DIL-1) testing against all other vendor devices in the RIOLAB hardware library.

“In achieving this key first milestone of RapidIO interoperability, TI is clearly demonstrating its technical prowess and commitment to deliver OEMs the best-in-class solutions,” said Jim Parisien, President of Fabric Embedded Tools.

RIOLAB tests, based on the RapidIO Trade Association’s “RapidIO Device Interoperability and Specification Compliance Checklists, 1.3 Spec,” address the graduated levels of interoperability that align with the increasing complexity of both the RapidIO specification and the needs of silicon vendors and OEMs.

DIL-1 tests essentially verify support for initialization, enumeration and basic read and write packet transactions. In DIL-1 testing, the device-under-test is tested against the entire RIOLAB hardware library for both request and response level transactions with an emphasis on the reliability of interactions between devices.

“TI is very pleased to qualify its performance-leading DSPs with RIOLAB,” said Travis Scheckel, TI’s RapidIO development manager and chair of the RapidIO Technical Working Group. “This interoperability testing will give our customers even more confidence that our DSPs will work reliably and seamlessly in complex designs and meet customer requirements for next-generation telecommunications, network and video infrastructure end-equipment and high-end imaging systems.”

The TI C6455 DSP offers improved performance, reduced code size plus more on-chip memory and high bandwidth integrated peripherals including the Serial RapidIO bus for inter-processor communications. The TCI6482 is a wireless infrastructure optimized DSP that gives base station manufacturers 1GHz performance supporting all air interfaces with targeted software libraries for pico base stations and WiMAX applications.

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A division of Fabric Embedded Tools, RIOLAB is a state-of-the-art RapidIO interoperability testing facility that provides device interoperability and specification compliance reports that meet the growing needs of silicon vendors and OEMs designing with RapidIO technology. The lab is the only facility in existence that provides commercial semiconductor vendors, FPGA and ASIC manufacturers with an unbiased common vehicle for demonstrating device interoperability and specification compliance to the RapidIO standard.