Mistral Introduces WLAN Solution for DaVinci

Mistral Software, a leading product realization company specializing in real-time embedded solutions, announced the availability of their WLAN Solution for DaVinci(TM) to enable manufacturers to accelerate their WiFi based application development on TI’s DaVinci(TM) platform.

Mistral’s WLAN solution for DaVinci(TM) consists of the feature rich, small footprint WLAN module from Murata – WLAN6101EB bundled with a comprehensive software package comprising of the WLAN and SDIO drivers available on Linux or Windows(R) CE. The WLAN solution is ideal for product developers building wireless products like Feature phones, Smart Phones, PDAs, Gaming Devices, Medical Devices, VoIP, Security Cameras, Video Conferencing and Network Projectors.

WLAN Solution for DaVinci(TM)
With WLAN already playing a major role in the consumer electronics segment, more and more product developers are using Wi-Fi as the preferred means of connectivity. Product developers are increasingly in search of solutions that will give them an edge in saving on development costs and expediting their time to market.

The WLAN Solution for DaVinci(TM) from Mistral Software is a complete WLAN solution for Texas Instruments’ DaVinci(TM) DM644x series of processors. Made available using the WLAN6101 from SyChip, Inc. a subsidiary of Murata, the host interface for the WLAN module is provided via the 4-bit SDIO slot on the DaVinci(TM) DVEVM. The software comprising of WLAN and SDIO drivers is available for both Microsoft’s Windows(R) Embedded CE and Linux platforms.

“Our latest offering is a logical step and a key component of our DaVinci(TM) strategy and is a perfect example of our successful collaboration with leading technology providers like Murata in offering the best solutions to our customers. We are really excited about bringing out the first WLAN solution for the DaVinci(TM) to the market”, said Samyeer Metrani, VP-Product Development at Mistral. “This solution helps DaVinci(TM) based product developers get a head-start on the development of their next generation wireless enabled devices.”

The solution provides a significant advantage in development time and ultimately time to market for a host of devices where fast design cycles, minimum package volumes and ultra low power consumption are required.

“The migration of WLAN to consumer electronics devices has become a key catalyst for growth in this industry. Partners like Mistral add to the momentum by offering high-quality solutions and services that our customers can take advantage of when building next-generation embedded devices.” added Dr. Moses Asom, co-founder and Senior Vice President of Marketing and Business Development from SyChip.

In addition to the SDIO and WLAN drivers, the WLAN Solution for DaVinci(TM) consists of WLAN6101 based Evaluation Kit for SDIO (WLAN6101SD-EVK) from Murata to begin development on TI’s DVEVM. It also includes WLAN 6101EB Modules from Murata to help customers implement their wireless application on their hardware. The WLAN Solution will be on display at the TIDC scheduled for 7-9 March 2007 in Dallas, Texas. You can visit the Mistral booth # 316 for a demo of the product. For demo and appointments, please contact Srini Panapakam @ +1-925-577-0796.

TI Partner for DaVinci(TM) Technology
Mistral provides hardware and software design services for accelerated product development on the DaVinci(TM) platform. Mistral offers its customers DaVinci(TM) based solutions for a wide range of applications like videophones, advanced navigation systems and high-end PDAs. Mistral’s services include supporting Windows(R) CE, plug-in modules for DaVinci(TM) EVMs and professional hardware and software development services on the DaVinci(TM) platform.

About DaVinci(TM) Technology
DaVinci(TM) technology from TI is a SoC based on the high-performance TMS320C64x(TM) DSP generation and includes hardware performance accelerators and video and audio peripherals that match consumer entertainment equipment specs. It is the industry’s first platform optimized for streaming video, image and audio performance. With limitless scalability options, DaVinci(TM) technology helps streaming media manufacturers keep up with their ever-evolving industry. It enables leading-edge video, image, and audio quality and is extremely flexible. DaVinci(TM) technology features multiple video codecs such as MPEG2, MPEG4, Microsoft(R) Windows Media(R) Video 9/VC1, H.264, MP3, and AAC, to name a few.

About Murata
Murata is a world-leading passive component manufacturer. Murata’s main products include traditionally components such as capacitors, piezo products and filters. Recently, Murata expanded its product line to include modules using its strong LTCC (low-temperature co-fired ceramics) technology. By LTCC technology, passive components can be embedded in the substrate, and can fulfill customers’ requirements for smaller and thinner modules. Murata products are found in Computers, Communications, Consumer electronics and Automotive electronics. As a result of long-term technology development and product supply, the company is highly regarded for the quality and reliability of its products. Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. recently acquired SyChip, Inc. a leader in Radio Frequency Chip Scale Modules (CSM).

About Mistral
Mistral Software is an ISO 9001:2000 certified and CMMi Level 3 appraised premier product Realization Company providing end-to-end services for product design and development in the embedded space. Mistral has domain expertise in Embedded Real-Time Applications, Communication Protocols, VoIP services, Digital Signal Processing, Board Design and FPGA Design. As a single source for both hardware and software engineering expertise, Mistral’s expert design and development services have improved the quality and accelerated the time -to-market for a broad range of embedded systems. Mistral has operations in USA, Japan, Germany and India.