BSQUARE Creates SecureMMC for Windows Mobile Devices

BSQUARE (Nasdaq:BSQR) has developed the first SecureMMC Client Software Suite for Windows Mobile 5.0 devices. The new product supports the new Secure MultiMediaCard specification, SecureMMC version 2.0. SecureMMC memory cards now enable secure downloading of songs and video to Windows Mobile devices, secure wireless financial transactions between Windows Mobile devices and point-of-sale terminals and secure data transfer between mobile professionals’ Smart phones and corporate enterprise networks over virtual private networks (VPN) lines.

“The new SecureMMC v2.0 standard, together with BSQUARE’s SecureMMC client software, allows both MMCA members and other mobile infrastructure ecosystem players to extend their business models since digital rights management and privacy of consumer and business data are now assured,” said Brian Crowley, president and CEO of BSQUARE.

MultiMediaCards offer features similar to Secure Digital cards. The two types of cards are based on separate but related industry standards. MMC and SecureMMC storage cards can be used in any device that supports Secure Digital (SD) storage cards as long as the software on the device supports them.

The market for mobile phones with removable memory cards like Secure Digital cards and MultiMediaCards reached over 277 million in 2006, compared to 115 million in 2005 (Source: Strategy Analytics Web site). Approximately 65% of mobile phone OEMs design their phones to use Secure Digital cards. MultiMediaCards can be used in these same phones with the appropriate client software support.

MMCA members can license the SecureMMC Client Software Suite from BSQUARE free of charge. Members pay a per device fee for implementation of the SecureMMC Client Software Suite when their devices ship. Email or call 1-425-519-5900 for more information.

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