Atmel Unveils Two AVR USB Microcontrollers

Atmel(R) Corporation (Nasdaq: ATML), expands its popular family of AVR(R) microcontrollers with two new devices for high-volume USB applications ranging from high-performance Human Interface Devices (HID) to wireless adaptors. Based on the 8-bit AVR core, the new AT90USB82 and AT90USB162 feature a full-speed USB (12 Mbits/s) controller and have 8- and 16-Kbyte of Flash memory, respectively allowing in-system programming directly through their USB interface. On-chip EEPROM of 512 bytes allows for parameters settings without interfering with the application.

Communication with external components is ensured with SPI and UART interfaces. A 100 mA on-chip voltage regulator can also power companion devices such as laser sensors for high-performance mice or RF transceivers for wireless adapters.

The AT90USB82/162 are available in 32-pin packages including a tiny 5x5mm QFN. In addition, they offer an extensive 21 general-purpose IOs that can be used to detect interrupts. This is very effective for applications such as high-end mice or joysticks that have an increasing number of switches; unlike other market solutions that use multiplexing techniques or more expensive workarounds to overcome a limited number of interrupt pins.

Full-speed USB enables accurate and fast reaction to fully exploit the capability of the most advanced laser sensors while providing adequate bandwidth for audio streaming applications (e.g. VoIP, handsets). The same device can be the heart of a wireless desktop center, supporting a mouse, a keyboard and a bidirectional audio device. Thanks to the full-speed bandwidth, programming the AT90USB162′s Flash memory can be achieved in 0.5 seconds. The program can be loaded at the end of the manufacturing line without the need for a dedicated connector to accommodate in-system programming, which lower costs and proves invaluable when space is a premium. This gives flexibility for concurrent engineering, OEM/ODM customization, or even to upgrade products by the end user.

“Our new low pin-count USB devices nicely complement the higher-end AVR OTG and USB devices we introduced last year,” said Jean-Christophe Lawson, USB Product Marketer Manager. “They are two times smaller than most of existing solutions, achieving a perfect trade-off between cost and flexibility.”

Pricing and Availability
Evaluation and debugging tools are available now from distribution. The STK(R)526 development kit is priced at $199. It can be used in stand-alone form to demonstrate HID, communication device class (CDC) and mass storage. It can also be used as an extension to the generic STK500. The JTAGICE mkII and AVR Dragon can connect to the starter kit for in-system programming and emulation through on-chip debug resources (OCD).

The AT90USB162 is offered in 32-pin QFN and TQFP packages and the AT90USB82 in QFN. The AT90USB162 is available now while production of the AT90USB82 will start in 3Q-2007. AT90USB162 is available at $1.65 and AT90USB82 at $1.45 for 10k pieces.

About Atmel
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