Stretch Saves Time with Sequence CoolTime, CoolCheck

Sequence Design’s CoolTime and CoolCheck are winning praise from Stretch Inc., technology leader in software-configurable processors, for their valuable early-analysis physical design capabilities and ease of use. The Sequence’s Cool Products family – CoolTime, CoolPower, and CoolCheck –cut design closure times by preventing time-consuming iterations. CoolTime is the industry’s most accurate dynamic voltage drop analysis and optimization solution, concurrently analyzing timing, signal integrity, static IR drop, power, and electromigration. CoolCheck enables effective power grid debug early in the flow with a fast vectorless technique and 100% coverage.

“CoolTime and CoolCheck automate elements of the physical implementation process that previously required excessive manual effort and time,” said Edson Gomersall, Stretch physical design manager. “Both of these tools help us find issues at the early stages of the design flow, saving engineering time while compressing time to market.” Gomersall also noted ease of use as a key selling point: “For example, CoolCheck’s GUI was very intuitive and helped us quickly pinpoint areas of the grid on which to focus.”

Stretch employed the Sequence tools as part of a design flow for a multi-million gate device comprised of customer logic, commercial IP, and custom memory. Gomersall said his team found areas of missing vias and high resistive connections to macros using CoolCheck very easily. It also identified areas where some instances were placed between macros, creating high-resistance connections to those cells. “CoolCheck saved us several design iterations, and a lot of time we would have spent performing manual debug, and it did it quickly,” he said.

Gomersall also appreciated CoolTime’s speed and accuracy: “For a 150K instance block, CoolTime produced timing results within six minutes, and memory usage was 1.5G.”

About Stretch
Stretch Inc. is delivering a family of software-configurable processors, the first to embed programmable logic within the processor. Using familiar C/C++ programming tools, system developers automatically configure Stretch’s off-the-shelf processors to achieve extraordinary performance, easy and rapid development, significant cost savings, and flexibility to address diverse markets and changing application needs.

About Sequence
Sequence Design accelerates the ability of SoC designers to bring high-performance, power-aware ICs quickly to market. Sequence’s power and signal- integrity software solutions give customers the competitive advantage necessary to excel in aggressive technology markets, despite the demanding complexity and time-to-market issues of nanometer design. Sequence serves over 150 customers worldwide, in application segments such as consumer, wireless, mobile computing, multimedia, cell phones, digital cameras, network-on-chip processors, and other power-sensitive markets.