OCP-IP Creates Initiative for Open Network-on-Chip Benchmarks

OCP-IP announced an initiative toward open Network on Chip (NoC) Benchmarking. A new white paper available from the organization outlines the need for a NoC benchmarking as well as the essential features of a NoC benchmarking environment, and drives toward establishing widely accepted and important benchmarks. The top-level view on a system of benchmarks for NoCs covers a variety of design aspects from application modeling to performance evaluation and post-manufacturing test and reliability.

The paper was developed by some of the world’s most prestigious universities working on NoC research including: University of British Columbia, Carnegie Melon University, Royal Institute of Technology, Tampere University of Technology and Washington State University.

A section on performance benchmarking specifically describes requirements and features for application programs, synthetic micro-benchmarks, and abstract benchmark applications. It then proposes ways to measure reliability, fault tolerance, and testability of the on-chip communication fabric.

“To date, comparing performance, cost, and other features of advanced multi-core systems on a chip is a significant challenge to the industry that has not been adequately addressed,” said Andre Ivanov, professor University British Columbia and Co-founder of the OCP-IP NoC Benchmarking Working Group. “This initiative addresses the industry need in a comprehensive manner. It is a pleasure working with this productive group of some of the finest universities in the world.”

“We are delighted to begin the sponsorship of this leadership effort of international experts from both the academic and industrial community in addressing this important aspect of SoC evolution,” said Ian Mackintosh, president OCP-IP.

During 2007 the paper will be followed by a report defining a benchmark framework and the syntax of interfaces for benchmark programs that will allow the community to build a benchmarking suite.

Download a copy of the NoC white paper »

About OCP-IP
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