OpenMake Debuts Free Build Automation Solution

OpenMake announced at EclipseCon a free, community-oriented solution for automating build-to-release tasks. This is the only build-to-deploy automation solution developers will need, regardless of platform or development language environment–unlike other workflow tools that may be designed to only support Java development.

Developers code, maintain, manage and orchestrate hundreds of make and Ant scripts to support their build to release process. In an effort to bring some order to the chaos, they look to process automation solutions that can sit on top of these scripts, create a central place to execute the scripts in a precise order and log results. OpenMake solution will provide enterprise level process automation for managing the execution of ad hoc build, testing and deployment scripts.

OpenMake’s solution will interoperate with other application life cycle tools through “Adaptors”. The Adaptors provide “out of the box” integration with deployment tools for packaging, testing tools for test script execution and SCM tools for check-in, check-out, labeling, Bill of Material reporting and Build Difference reporting. Using this OpenMake solution, a complete application lifecycle process can be defined as a workflow and re-executed by any approved user.

OpenMake’s solution is upgradeable to support remote workflow execution using Remote Build Servers allowing different steps of the workflow to be executed across the enterprise.

OpenMake offers script adaptors for integrating with SCM and IDE solutions such as IBM RAD, IBM ClearQuest, IBM ClearCase, Eclipse, Microsoft Visual Studio and .Net, Perforce, MKS Source, AccuRev, CVS, Subversion, Harvest, Dimensions, PVCS and Visual Source Safe.