Stahlin Non-Metallic Enclosure Protects SCM

Since 1985, Chemtrac Systems, Inc. has been a leading manufacturer of process monitoring and control instruments for water and wastewater treatment. One of the company’s more popular products is the Chemtrac Streaming Current Monitor (SCM).

The Chemtrac SCM is an online, continuous sampling instrument that enables the water treatment plant operator to optimize the chemical feed dosage. The reliability of this monitor is critical for these operators and this is precisely why Chemtrac needs a non-metallic enclosure that will stand up to the stressful environment in a water treatment plant.

Chemtrac Streaming Current Monitor (SCM)About five years ago, there were problems with the existing enclosure design and the company started to look for replacement options. Stahlin Non-Metallic Enclosures provided some samples that stood up to rigorous testing. The composite materials Stahlin created in the FormRight Lab excelled in the water and wastewater environment. The compression molded fiberglass reinforced polyester enclosures could stand up to the toughest chemical and environmental attacks whereas carbon steel and thermoplastics would degrade. Upon completion of the testing, it was decided to use Stahlin’s CLW109HPL for the Streaming Current Monitor.

Since then, Stahlin has continued to make efforts as a company to truly understand Chemtrac needs. Through the ModRightT factory-based modification program, Stahlin now drills additional holes that the Chemtrac plant had been doing — saving time, money and headaches. The program also provides diverse choices for factory customizing of enclosures including cutouts, holes, windows, custom colors, silk screening, vents, countersinking, latches & locks, and non-standard sizing.

In addition, Stahlin accommodates Chemtrac by making sure that the enclosure supply needs are properly met. The production volume for the SCM can vary, and being a smaller manufacturer, the company does not have the space to keep a large quantity of enclosures on hand. Stahlin has been efficient about getting the company additional enclosures if the demands in one month happen to exceed typical needs.

Stahlin has proven to be a valued resource by providing Chemtrac with the quality products that are required, while offering other important benefits.

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