LinuxLink Radio Broadcasts to Embedded Linux Developers

TimeSys Corporation, the leading service provider to developers in the embedded Linux market, introduced LinuxLink Radio, a free podcast focused on embedded Linux. Listeners can keep a pulse on the growing embedded Linux industry and pick up tips that will help them with their next project. The content in LinuxLink Radio is designed to be of interest to all embedded Linux developers, whether or not they are subscribers to the LinuxLink service for building customized Linux platforms.

LinuxLink Radio is hosted by Gene Sally and Maciej Halasz from TimeSys, who have over 15 years of combined experience in embedded Linux. New episodes of LinuxLink Radio will be available every two weeks, with each being around 30 minutes in length. Topics of conversation during the podcast will cover a wide range of embedded Linux topics, with content available for experienced developers, as well as those new to embedded Linux. Three episodes are already available:

  • Episode 1: An introduction to embedded Linux, discussing why embedded developers should consider using Linux, from technical and business standpoints.
  • Episode 2: A guest interview with Thomas Gleixner, one of the main contributors to the real-time patches for the Linux kernel, covering real-time Linux for embedded systems, features of real-time like priority inheritance and high resolution timers, and upcoming improvements to the Linux kernel to support additional real-time functionality.
  • Episode 3: The state of embedded Linux – past, present, and future.

LinuxLink Radio is available as an audio file that you can listen to on your computer or your personal audio player, such as an iPod(R). Each episode is available in the popular MP3 format, as well as the open source Ogg Vorbis audio format. You can also subscribe to the podcast series using your favorite podcast manager, such as iTunes(R) or Google Reader, so you will automatically get the latest episodes as they become available.

“Educating people about embedded Linux development is something we really value at TimeSys, and LinuxLink Radio is a great way for people to learn more about embedded Linux development in an informal setting,” said Joseph Raffa, CEO of TimeSys. “Combined with our webinar series and huge collection of documents, TimeSys is a great source of information that can help people with their next embedded Linux project.”

To listen to LinuxLink Radio, visit the LinuxLink Radio Podcast Center. From there, you can download an individual episode, subscribe to the series, and leave comments about what you would like to hear about in future episodes.

About TimeSys Corporation
TimeSys is the leading service provider to developers in the embedded Linux market, delivering LinuxLink subscriptions that empower developers to rapidly and efficiently create their own commercial-grade custom Linux platform. The continuously updated cross-compiled components, information and systems offered through LinuxLink subscriptions are aggregated from the open source community, semiconductor manufacturers and TimeSys and hosted in the LinuxLink Developer Network.