VDC Reveals Embedded Board Vendor Award Winners

Venture Development Corporation has completed its year 2006 “Platinum and Gold” embedded board vendor rating awards, recognizing the top vendors of merchant computer boards among users. The awards are done as part of VDC’s annual Global Market Analysis of Merchant Computer Boards for Embedded/Real-time Applications, a research report that focuses on the core embedded markets for slot single board computers, embedded motherboards, mezzanine cards, computer-on-modules (COMs), and PC/104 stackables.

The Platinum and Gold ratings are generated entirely with user feedback entered into an impartial model, proprietary to VDC. The ratings were generated as follows:

  • Users identified their most important non-product criteria in evaluating a vendor
    • created from a list of over 45 selection criteria
    • included elements such as availability/delivery, price, reliable/long product life, and a variety of service and support factors
  • Users identified 1-5 vendors from whom they had purchased merchant computer boards
  • Vendors were rated on the same non-product criteria, on a scale of one to five

Top 15 Most Identified Non-Product Selection Criteria

  1. Product Availability/Delivery
  2. Price
  3. Reliable, Long-Lived Products
  4. Meets Delivery Schedules
  5. Experience/Relationship with Vendor
  6. Technical Support (General)
  7. Supports an Industry Standard
  8. Reputation
  9. Pre-Sales Support
  10. ISO 9000 Certification
  11. 24 Hour, 7 Day Technical Support
  12. Cutting-Edge Technology
  13. Longevity in Business
  14. On-Line Documentation
  15. Brand Name

This data was then aggregated and appropriately weighted to reflect the relative importance of the various criteria, and a score was generated for each embedded vendor. The embedded board vendors with scores in the top 5% were awarded the “Platinum” status and vendors with a score in the next highest 10% were awarded the “Gold” status.


  • Concurrent Technologies, Ltd.
  • Diamond Systems Corporation
  • Kontron AG
  • LiPPERT Embedded Computers GmbH
  • Measurement Computing Corporation
  • Motorola Embedded Communications Computing
  • Supermicro Computer, Inc.
  • Themis Computer, Inc.
  • VersaLogic Corporation
  • WinSystems, Inc.


  • Advantech Corporation
  • Applied Data Systems, Inc.
  • Arcom Control Systems, Inc.
  • Connect Tech, Inc.
  • Curtiss Wright Controls Embedded DIGITAL-LOGIC AG
  • Diversified Technologies, Inc.
  • GE Fanuc Embedded Systems
  • General Standards Corporation
  • Inova Computers
  • Intel EID
  • JK Microsystems
  • Mercury Computer Systems
  • Microbus Group
  • National Instruments, Inc.
  • Performance Technologies, Inc.
  • Portwell, Inc.
  • RTD Embedded Technologies, Inc.
  • Thales Computers
  • Trenton Technologies, Inc.

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