Tundra Ramps up Tsi350 PCI-to-PCI Bridge

Tundra Semiconductor Corporation (TSX:TUN), the leader in System Interconnect, is now in full production of its low power, asynchronous PCI-to-PCI bridge. The Tundra Tsi350(TM) offers communications and network equipment customers a competitive high quality bridge solution with low power consumption.

The Tsi350 is an industry-standard, 32-bit 66 MHz asynchronous PCI-to-PCI bridge fully compliant with PCI Local Bus Specification Revision 2.3. The bridge is drop-in, pin-for-pin and software compatible with industry-standard PCI bridges. The Tsi350 supports two PCI buses operating concurrently with sufficient clock and arbitration pins to support nine PCI bus master devices directly on its secondary interface. The Tsi350 makes it possible to extend a system’s load capability limit beyond that of a single PCI bus by allowing board designers to add additional PCI devices or more PCI option card slots than a single PCI bus can support.

Tundra Ramps Tsi350 PCI-to-PCI BridgeThe Tsi350 targets both new designs and existing board footprints that use 32-bit PCI-to-PCI bridges. Backed by Tundra’s world-class customer service and support, the Tsi350 is ideally suited for communications and networking equipment, video capture cards, embedded video recorders, multi-function printers, and network interface cards. Tundra offers customers short lead times, reliable supply, exceptional customer service and technical support.

Availability and Design Support Tools
The Tsi350 32-bit PCI-to-PCI Bridge is available for production now in a 31x31mm footprint, 208pin PQFP package (RoHS compliant version will be in production at the end of March 2007). Design support tools are available.

About Tundra PCI, PCI-X and PCI Express(R) Bridges
The Tundra PCI and PCI-X System Interconnect portfolio offers customers a wide range of proven, high-performance, low power PCI and PCI-X bridges. Tundra’s PCI, PCI-X and PCI Express bridge roadmap reflects an investment and commitment to addressing current and future needs of PCI-based designs. To allow interoperation with new PCI Express root complexes and legacy PCI/X endpoints, Tundra will offer PCI Express to PCI/X bridges. The PCI/X/e bridge family will continue to grow with variants that offer system designers numerous I/O connectivity options. In addition, Tundra’s leadership and market expertise in other interconnects such as RapidIO(R) will be critical to the seamless integration of different standards into new architectures based around high speed serial system interconnects.

About Tundra
Tundra Semiconductor Corporation (TSX:TUN) supplies the world’s leading communications, computing and storage companies with smart System Interconnect products and design services backed by world-class customer service and technical support. Tundra’s track record of product leadership includes over a decade of bridges and switches enabling key industry standards: RapidIO(R), PCI, PCI-X, PCI Express(R), Power PC(R), VME, HyperTransport(TM), Interlaken, and SPI4.2. Tundra’s products deliver high functional quality and simplified board design and layout, with specific focus on system level signal integrity. Tundra’s design services division, Silicon Logic Engineering, Inc., offers industry-leading ASIC and FPGA design services, semiconductor intellectual property and product development consulting. Tundra’s smart technology connects critical components in high performance embedded systems around the world.

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