Software Acumen to Present at Configuration Management Event

Mark Dalgarno, of Cambridge-based Software Acumen, will be speaking at the 3rd BCS Configuration Management Specialist Group Conference to take place in Oxford from May 15th-16th.

Dalgarno’s paper, co-authored with Danilo Beuche or pure-systems GmbH, is titled “Configuration Management: an anti-pattern for implementing variability?” and shines a light on the murky area of embedded software variant management – managing the process of developing multiple similar-but-different embedded software systems.

Dalgarno contends that most organizations fail to manage their variants efficiently due to a heavy reliance solely on their Configuration Management system. Adopting a more comprehensive variant management approach can yield better results.

The conference will bring together managers and practitioners working in Change, Configuration and Release management. Presentations by practitioners and world leaders in the field will cover a wide variety of Configuration Management-related topics.

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