Energi to Manage Embedded Masterclass UK Event

Technical marketing company Energi, will be managing and promoting this year’s ‘Embedded Masterclass’, a UK event that brings embedded software engineers together with the major vendors of embedded development tools, software and hardware. The focus of this year’s event will be the acceleration of embedded system development and exhibitors already include companies such as European embedded tools specialist SDC, UK electronics manufacturer Barric, German debug tool company Lauterbach and electronic enclosure manufacturer Hitec.

“The term ‘embedded’ comes from the fact that there is a computer embedded in many electronic systems these days,” said Richard Blackburn, Managing Director of Energi. “In fact, in a mobile phone, there are often three embedded computers chatting away on a network. Embedded systems used to be a small, specialist area of electronics, but today it is a major part of the electronics industry and an area in which the UK and the Cambridge region excels.”

Embedded Masterclass events have been running for the past 5 years and have gained a reputation for being an informative and productive event for engineers and project managers exploring new technologies. A guiding principal of the event is that the presentations are technical and devoid of sales and marketing content.

“We try to ensure all the presentations deliver new and valuable technical information,” said Richard, “We know how precious an engineer’s time can be. This year the focus is on technologies that can accelerate embedded systems development and we have some very interesting topics being submitted. It’s promising to be an attractive agenda.”

Over 700 engineers have previously registered to attend the various Embedded Masterclass events. These events have covered medical electronics, automotive electronics, wireless design and digital signal processing. Engineers have even flown in from as far away as Canada and Holland to attend some of these events.

“I think engineers come along because it’s more of a forum than an exhibition, it’s much less of a sales environment.” said Stuart Parker, of SDC Systems, a leading sponsor of the Embedded Masterclass. “At these events the focus is on the technology and the chance to chat with the vendors’ engineering experts and explore how the technology can be applied to the development of new embedded systems. It’s a great opportunity for engineers to keep up to date and for vendors to gain visibility for their latest tools and hardware.”

The Embedded Masterclass is scheduled for 3rd May and is free to embedded engineers and project managers working on technical projects. Seats are limited and allocated on a first come first serve basis. Registering for the event can be done though the website. Energi is currently allocating exhibition space and forming the agenda of presentations, so any companies that are interested in participating should contact Richard Blackburn at Energi (Richard@energi-tech.co.uk)

About Energi
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