TNI-Software Unveils ReqCenter for Embedded Systems Development

TNI-Software, a provider of design tools and consulting services for the development, implementation and test of software dominant embedded systems, has launched ReqCenter, the first open, standards-based platform that addresses the need for peer-to-peer requirements sharing and exchange independently of the different Requirements Management tools being used by the various companies in the embedded systems design chain.

ReqCenter standardises and automates requirements sharing“Peer-to-peer requirements sharing has emerged as a significant problem area in the embedded systems design chain with regard to the management of OEM/tier supplier relationships both with regard to pre-contract negotiations and finalisation through to design development and implementation,” said Eliane Fourgeau, Chief Operating Officer at TNI-Software. “It is also fast becoming an issue from a quality management perspective.”

ReqCenter standardises and automates requirements sharing ensuring repeatability, consistency and coherence to the various processes and practices in place. As such, it better facilitates the relationship between OEMs and their tier suppliers where there is a need to exchange component and system specifications, supporting the arbitration on requirements for the creation of mutually agreeable specification configurations for the life-cycle of a development project. ReqCenter supports both upstream and downstream component and system specification exchange, specification configuration management and even requirements variant handling, engineering change orders and change management decisions. From a quality perspective, it also facilitates the definition of global organisational development standards and multi-project design re-use in a simple and consistent way through the management and sharing of international, company or domain-specific requirements libraries.

ReqCenter is based on an intelligent client and light MySQL server and the newly introduced RIF Component Specification Exchange import/export format. RIF is the standard created by HIS, a joint standard initiative of the German automotive industry, to meet the component requirements specification challenges presented by the burgeoning electronic and mechatronic content in vehicles. Developed for the benefit of both OEMs and suppliers, the RIF format already appears to be impacting the embedded software development industry as a whole.

“As there is no need to disrupt existing work practices or change the Requirements Management tools OEMs and potential tier suppliers already have in place, ReqCenter allows all the parties in requirements sharing relationships to continue to operate in their comfort zones,” concludes Eliane Fourgeau. “By providing a high level of clarity, repeatability and coherence to a process that might otherwise be prone to inconsistency, ReqCenter is able to deliver considerable cost-efficiencies, development time-savings and quality improvements.”

About TNI-Software
TNI-Software is a French company established in 1992 that provides design tools and consulting services for the development, implementation and test of software dominant embedded systems. Today, the company employs over 50 people worldwide and has offices in Europe, Japan and China, with local representatives in other countries. The technologies underlying TNI-Software’s products are built upon model-based design and requirements-based engineering processes that have been developed in collaboration with major research laboratories in France, and close cooperation with companies such as Airbus, EDF, PSA and Alstom.

In a market where software is becoming more and more complex and time to market is critical, software development and design productivity need to be improved. This can be done through the application of advanced tools and methodologies that specify, verify and implement embedded applications in a collaborative development environment that facilitates data exchange between all companies and teams in the design chain.

TNI-Software delivers best-in-class solutions that help engineers in the aerospace and defense, automotive, industrial automation and transportation industries to more efficiently design, verify and validate their model-based and embedded system applications. TNI-Software’s products allow development engineering teams to do their jobs better and faster, thus considerably improving return-on-investment.