Synplicity Synthesis Supports Xilinx Virtex-5 SXT FPGA

Synplicity, Inc. (Nasdaq:SYNP), a leading supplier of software for the design and verification of semiconductors, announced its industry-leading synthesis software and true DSP synthesis software solutions provide immediate and comprehensive design support for Xilinx (Nasdaq:XLNX) Virtex-5 SXT FPGAs – the latest member of its 65nm Virtex-5 FPGA family optimized for high-performance Digital Signal Processing (DSP).

The combination of Synplicity’s Synplify Pro(R) logic synthesis and Synplify(R) DSP synthesis software offers designers using the Xilinx Virtex-5 SXT devices superior quality of results and exceptional productivity for DSP-oriented designs. Synplicity’s ability to provide optimized tools for the newest members of Xilinx Virtex-5 FPGA family demonstrates the close working relationship between the two companies and the success of the on-going Ultra-High Capacity Task Force whose purpose is to develop incremental design flows that maximize the quality of results and design productivity in next-generation FPGA designs.

“The collaboration between Synplicity and Xilinx has a strong track record of delivering best-in-class solutions for our newest FPGA device families,” said Steve Douglass, vice president of Product Development for the Advanced Products Group at Xilinx. “The Ultra High-Capacity Timing Closure Task Force between the two companies has resulted in a high quality synthesis engine from Synplicity that is optimized to fully deliver the performance, cost and flexibility advantages of the 65nm Virtex-5 FPGA family.”

Synplicity’s solutions provide an advanced and efficient flow within the Virtex-5 SXT FPGA design environment, enabling customers to take advantage of the DSP-rich capabilities built into these devices. The Synplify Pro tool brings a timing-driven synthesis approach to Virtex-5 SXT devices, delivering best-in-class performance and area optimization. The Synplify Pro software’s automatic memory extraction and inferencing capabilities will also benefit Virtex-5 SXT FPGA customers by enabling them to take advantage of the device’s industry-leading memory-to-logic ratio.

In addition to logic synthesis support, Synplicity delivers a high productivity flow from DSP algorithm to RTL implementation on the Virtex-5 SXT DSP platform FPGA with the Synplify DSP software. The Synplify DSP software’s true DSP synthesis capability automatically creates optimized RTL implementations of DSP functions, using either the advanced IP blockset in Synplify DSP or through integration with the Xilinx System Generator. The software offers several IP blocks that make design capture faster and much more concise for developers working with WiMAX, Wi-Fi and other OFDM-based wireless standards. The Synplify DSP software also provides automated features such as folding, multi-channelization, polyphase decomposition and system-level retiming that enable customers to effectively reduce area and improve timing performance within their device.

“Xilinx’s Virtex-5 SXT FPGAs feature some of the most advanced DSP functions and are a clear indicator of the tremendous growth we are seeing within the DSP market,” said Andy Haines, senior vice president of marketing at Synplicity. “Our synthesis flow works seamlessly within the Virtex-5 design environment and allows customers to take full advantage of the advanced DSP capabilities these devices offer. Our partnership with Xilinx represents a win-win for Synplicity, Xilinx and our mutual customers and we look forward to continuing to work with Xilinx through our Ultra High-Capacity Task Force to solve some of today’s most complex FPGA design issues, while also working closely to develop complete and efficient design flows.”

The Synplify DSP and Synplify Pro software, offering support for Virtex-5 SXT devices, is available now. Contact your local Synplicity sales representative for more information.

About Synplicity
Synplicity(R) Inc. (Nasdaq:SYNP) is a leading supplier of innovative software solutions that enable the rapid and effective design of Programmable Logic Devices (FPGAs, PLDs and CPLDs) that serve a wide range of communications, military/aerospace, consumer, semiconductor, computer, and other electronic systems markets. Synplicity’s tools provide outstanding performance, cost and time-to-market benefits by simplifying, improving and automating key design planning, logic synthesis, physical synthesis and verification functions for FPGA, FPGA-based ASIC verification, and DSP designers. Synplicity is the number one supplier of FPGA synthesis solutions and has been rated #1 in customer satisfaction since 2004 in EE Times’ Annual FPGA Customer Survey. Synplicity products support industry-standard design languages (VHDL and Verilog) and run on popular platforms. The company operates in over 20 facilities worldwide and is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California.

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