ST Unveils 1-Gbit and 512-Mbit 65nm Multi-Level Cell NOR Flash

STMicroelectronics (NYSE: STM), a leading supplier of Flash memory solutions for mobile phones, announced the availability of the 65nm PR family of NOR Flash memory. Based on fourth-generation multi-level-cell (MLC) technology, the 65nm PR family is fully hardware and software compatible with the existing 90nm NOR Flash PR family, providing an easy migration path for customers, while offering increased memory density and improved performance.

STMicroelectronics 65nm Multi-Level Cell NOR FlashMeeting the demand of high-resolution cameras, multimedia content, and fast internet connectivity in mobile applications, the 65nm PR family from ST offers up to 133MHz in burst read speed, program throughput of 1.0-Mbyte/sec, and deep power down mode with 1.8V power operation. This advanced NOR Flash family is offered in combinations with LPSDRAM, LPDDR-SDRAM, PSRAM, and NAND devices supporting shared-bus and split-bus configuration in Multi-Chip Packages (MCP) and Package-on-Package (PoP) solutions.

“By reaching the 65nm process lithography, STMicroelectronics offers a competitive solution, giving OEMs an option when designing in high density NOR Flash solutions,” said Geoff MacGillivray, lead memory analyst for Semiconductor Insights. “Comparing with the main competitor, the ST 1-Gbit MLC NOR Flash, with a die size of 50.8mm2, has the smallest die size on the market, resulting in the highest Mbit/mm2 rating at 20.16-Mbit/mm2. Equally impressive is the small cell size, measuring only 0.042µm2.”

“One gigabit of monolithic memory, implemented in 65nm multi-level cell technology, allows advanced system performance and an enhanced experience for end users,” said Marco Dallabora, Vice President and General Manager, Wireless NOR Flash Division. “Together with the 512-Mbit 65nm NOR Flash devices, it offers easy migration from ST’s 90nm PR family, which is already implanted in proven high-performance platforms.”

The 65nm PR family is part of the collaboration that STMicroelectronics and Intel announced in December 2005. This ongoing cooperation provides customers with the latest high performance products, with the flexibility of multiple sources.

Samples are available now and volume production startsin first half of 2007. Budgetary pricing for the 256-Mbit, 512-Mbit and 1-Gbit devices in stacked packages with PSRAM, LPSDRAM, and NAND devices is forecasted between US$10 and US$30.

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